An apartment in a high rise, especially in congested towns can be stuffing. Thus it is very important to keep your flat clutter-free and spacious for relaxed mental health. Normally when you buy a 2 BHK flat in Delhi, the carpet area provides enough space for a family of 3-4. 

In case you have a smaller flat, here are the things you can do to make your flat look spacious.

  • Use Light and Contrasting Colours

Using lighter colours on the walls and the ceiling has a psychological effect on the human mind. Since the lighter colours allow natural light to reflect easily, the apartment looks more spacious and lively. Dark colours on the other hand absorb light and make the room look dingy.

  • Organizing and Keeping things Simple

Moving to a new 2 BHK 60 Gaj flat in Delhi? Shifting is a very hectic affair. Moreover, things get messy and unorganized. Take some time out after your shifting is complete. Slowly start organizing the furniture and if possible, use smaller multi-purpose furniture. De-cluttering and organizing will give your flat a more spacious 

look. Remember that simplicity is the key.

  • Use Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Floor-to-Ceiling curtains can certainly make the room look bigger. It works remarkably well when you have a shorter ceiling. When you hang the curtain from just the highest point of the room, i.e. the ceiling, it creates a subtle effect in the minds of the viewers as they follow the curtain down to the floor. 

This creates an illusion of a larger room. However, make sure that the curtains don’t hang just above the floor. This will make your ceiling look shorter. Instead, let them fall to the floor.

  • Use Mirrors to your Advantage 

Hanging and installing mirrors at certain points and corners in your flat can work magic. Pulkit Vij, the owner of  Kamal Associates and a well-known name in this field says that since mirrors reflect light fantastically well, they make the rooms look brighter. Also, the mirrors create an optical illusion of depth that makes the apartment look bigger.

  • Place the Furniture Away from the Walls

Positioning the furniture near the walls and keeping the rest of the items in-between makes a room or an apartment look more crammed up. Instead, place the furniture away from the wall. Make sure that there is enough space for an average person to move in between the furniture and the walls. Place the rest of the stuff such as tea tables in-between at small distances.

  • Use Indoor Plants

Place indoor plants in ceramic pots at different corners of the flat. This makes the flat look more attractive and creates a sense of luxury. You can also place the plants into groups of three. Doing so portrays natural symmetry within the apartment. However, make sure that you water them periodically and keep any mud off the floor.

  • Re-decorate Once in a While

While this is not going to make you’re flat look spacious or any bigger, but it is important to re-decorate the room once in a while. Doing so breaks the monotonous sight of looking at the same furniture placement and freshens up the mind. And who knows, you might even find any ‘hidden treasure’ underneath the furniture while re-organizing.

These were the seven expert ways to make your flat look spacious. For more ideas and queries, feel free to contact the experts at Kamal Associates. Headed by Pulkit Vij, this firm with almost 20 years of experience, is changing the scenario for small-scale home buyers for the better. 

You can contact them at:

Customer Care: 8448 440 765

Address: Wz -41,Kabari road, Near Pillor number 706, 

Phase 1 Om Vihar Rd, Uttam Nagar, 


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