We have the ability to create an incredible bathroom space using technology that wasn’t available to us just under 10 years ago, transforming our bathroom space into something that functions beautifully and looks extremely aesthetically pleasing. 

Something we find that has really taken off in popularity nowadays is the monochromatic colour trend. With a neat, and polished appearance, they are soothing and cleansing to look at, leaving your bathroom feeling clean and crisp. Showcasing just one colour in your bathroom is extremely calming, and invokes feelings of relaxation and harmony. We’ve found that bathrooms featuring black as an accent colour or statement colour bring the ultimate finesse, painting even your ceiling with a statement feature light for the ultimate celeb vibe.  

We are seeing more and more bathrooms feature a variety of showerheads, including shower heads with lights. You can set the mood at the push of a button, creating a relaxing shower environment. Light therapy is proven to lift your mood and help with mental health. 

Have you ever seen a multi-level bathroom? If your room has the space, elevate your bathtub, creating a focal point for the room with stairs approaching your tub, featuring beautiful shelving, flowers, and other luxurious bathroom items such as artwork. If your home allows it, create a panoramic view from your bathtub, opening up the space to natural light so you can view the picturesque landscape around your home if you live rurally or even if your home boasts city views. 

If you are into your technology, we recommend heated flooring, steam showers, remote-controlled toilets, and smart and digital shower functions. A smart and digital shower is voice and app activated, and has all the features of a digital shower, with shower profiles for each family member, water-saving features, and temperature safety features. 

If creativity is your middle name, you will really appreciate the artwork and all that it has to offer. Art can really serve as a statement in your room, adding a small pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room. The artwork really is a form of decoration and it’s one of the most versatile pieces you can put into a room. In addition to your artwork, you can get creative with your lighting, featuring chandeliers over your bathtubs, with statement wall lights around your mirrors for the ultimate wow factor. Attention to detail is key to any celebrity style bathroom. 

By Alin

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