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Did you know that only 14% of moves are across state lines while most moves are either within the same county or state? Of course, local moves are easier to plan Shipping Your Car, but you are ready for a new environment.

One of the considerations you have to make is what to do with your vehicle during a cross-country move. Do you drive it yourself? Do you haul it behind you?

Most people choose to ship their cars through a transport service. There are things to know before shipping your car. Keep reading to learn them.

1. Location

When shipping your car, you need to know that the location affects the cost. Not only does this include how far you are shipping, but the specific area you want to ship.

This article goes over the costs to ship a car from Florida to New York specifically.

Shipping to a metropolitan area is more convenient for car shipping companies because it provides them access to wider and direct routes. Delivering a car to a remote location typically comes with rural route fees.

2. Type of Vehicle

When you ship your car, the type of vehicle you have will also affect the quotes you receive. The larger the vehicle, the more space it will need, and, therefore, the higher the costs will be.

There are weight limits on shipping freights so if your car is on the heavier side, it’s going to cost you more to ship from a different freight.

Luxury cars or vehicles that require modifications and special protection in transit will cost more as well. In short, anything outside of a regular service is going to cost extra.

3. Season

Every industry has high-peak seasons and this is no different for auto shipping. The different season’s impact rates. For example, summer rates are higher because that is when most people move.

Winter rates might be lower, but holidays rack up the prices. If you need a car shipping service during inclement weather or need to ship to an area with severe road conditions, it might cost you a pretty penny.

The seasons and weather are taken into consideration when you get a car shipping quote.

4. Shipping Options

There are four car shipping options to choose from that can impact your quote amount. The common methods of transportation include:

  • Open-air transport
  • Enclosed transport
  • Terminal to terminal service
  • Door-to-door service

Open-air transport is more affordable than enclosed transport but it won’t provide you with the same security measures. If you want your car covered in transit, enclosed transport is your best bet.

You’ll also have the option to choose where you want your vehicle shipped. Terminal to terminal service means you’ll pick up your car at the shipping company in a different location.

Door-to-door service is more convenient because the car is shipped directly to you, but it does come with a higher price tag.

What to Know About Shipping Your Car

Having the option to ship your vehicle is beneficial if you are moving across the country. Yet, there are things to know about shipping your car that might make you consider other options instead.

The transit location, type of vehicle, season, and shipping method will all affect your quote. The more security you need for your vehicle and the longer the trip, the more it’s going to cost you.

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