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Ice cream truck is America’s favourite dessert! A survey found that 41% of Americans would agree. Right behind it is cake, cookies, and pie. 

With so many people agreeing that ice cream is their number one go-to dessert, renting an ice cream truck for your next event is something to consider. You’re planning a birthday party, a company event, or maybe even a fundraiser. You need something to draw the attendees in and keep them happy. 

What better way to do that than ice cream? An ice cream truck rental will provide a pleasant surprise to all guests and take your event to the next level. Not sure if an ice cream truck at your event is the right move for you?

Continue reading our guide below for a list of reasons why you’ll want an ice cream cart at your next event!

1. Everything’s Included

Hosting an event requires a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. You have a lot on your plate right now as the event planner. Renting an ice cream truck can actually make things a bit easier on you. 

You know you want to provide a sweet treat for your dessert and you know an ice cream is a great option, but when purchasing containers of ice cream from local ice cream shops, you need to keep something in mind. The only thing you’re provided with is the ice cream. How will you keep the ice cream cold and how will you serve the ice cream?

You’ll also need to plan for utensils, toppings, cones, cups, and temperature control. When you rent an ice cream truck, all of these items are included. You won’t have to worry about anything other than party decorations and trash cans. 

Consider what your needs are and then choose between an ice cream truck rental, ice cream cart rental, or a party cooler. 

2. Ideal For Multiple Events

Let’s say you’re planning a child’s birthday party. As the little ones run around and have a great time playing, they’re going to want something to help cool them down. Ice cream is the answer! 

Any little one will enjoy having their very own ice cream truck at their party for all the known reasons. However, let’s change directions. You’re planning a corporate party or event. 

An ice cream truck is a great way to boost productivity levels, say thank you to your employees, and offer a refreshing and delicious boost of energy. These truck rentals are also ideal for music festivals, weddings, outdoor concerts, and fundraisers!

Consider the type of event you’re planning and then determine how to incorporate an ice cream truck as a way to boost sales, make a profit, or improve the overall ambience of the event. 

3. Offers Versatility and Uniqueness 

Think of yourself as a guest at an event. You’re patiently waiting for dessert, but once it’s served you realize it’s something you’re not a fan of. There’s nothing worse than having to skip the best part of your meal because there aren’t enough yummy options to choose from. 

An ice cream truck rental offers both versatility and uniqueness. Speak with the ice cream truck rental company about the variety of ice cream flavours offered. Some companies even allow you to choose your own flavours!

Make sure to provide a few gluten-free and vegan-friendly options as well. This ensures there’s something for everyone. You can even choose to personalize the ice cream truck to reflect your event’s theme if desired! 

4. Customizable Options Are Available 

Personalizing the ice cream truck is one thing, but offering customizable ice cream flavours is taking things to a whole other level! Speak with the rental company to ask about what options are available to you. They may be able to help you create different unique ice cream flavours to match your event theme. 

For example, if you’re planning a black and white gala, you might want to ask the rental company about providing various ice cream flavours all in either black or white colours. When planning a unicorn birthday party, you might consider providing fun, colourful, and magical ice cream flavours such as, “unicorn dust” and other fun flavours. 

5. Works Well For All Seasons

It’s winter, and you’re worried that ice cream won’t be too popular during this time. Stop right there! Ice cream works well no matter what season it is. 

If your event is outdoors during the winter or fall, then prepare outdoor space heaters or a fire pit where guests can hang out, enjoy their ice cream, and still remain comfortable and warm. During the summer, guests can turn to a refreshing ice cream cone to help cool them off. 

These ice cream truck rentals are also ideal for both indoor and outdoor use too. All you need to do is supply the event decorations and multiple trash cans to ensure all garbage is cleaned up (making your job much easier). 

Renting an Ice Cream Truck Is a Great Idea

When you have an upcoming event to plan and host, renting an ice cream truck is a great addition no matter what type of event it is. Choose your rental company, ask about various customizations, educate them on your event theme, provide the decorations and ways to dispose of trash, and send out the invites!

Everyone of all ages is sure to love your ice cream truck. Use the helpful information listed above to help you prepare and then continue to visit here on a regular basis to find more helpful posts. 

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