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Dubai is a beautiful city filled with lots of skyscrapers and engineering beauties. A place that has people from many nationalities as residents and hosts people from around the globe as their guests. Dubai is the favorite place of many people around the world for shopping. But, the feature which makes Dubai memorable and the most tempting place for people is its Dubai Night Club.

Clubbing in Dubai is on a different level, the place has not only evolved its architecture over some time but has also evolved its entertainment and clubbing culture. Clubbing is much more than Dance and DJ. It’s a place where one can enjoy as much as one wants. Clubbing in Dubai is different as there are many options for doing club hopping.

For Indians, Dubai is a place that feels like another city of the country that is outside the country. It is an affordable and economical place for Indians planning a vacation abroad or out of India. The city has so much to offer for Indians, many people speak the native languages of India, and there are many Indians who work in Dubai contributing a major share of the population of Dubai. Indians can find Super 20 Indian Restaurants in Dubai for authentic Indian food. Dubai is the favorite place for Indians to go Clubbing abroad.

While selecting a Dubai Night Club to Visit in Dubai, the following factors should be considered to make the experience memorable.
Allowable age- Dubai is a city with many rules, and people here are very disciplined that stick to the rules. For many clubs, one can be authorized entry if they are having a legal age of 21 years and above. It is necessary to carry age proof or identification proof of a person to get entry into the club. Some clubs allow entry only for 25 years and above. So while checking out a place for clubbing do confirm the allowable age and do not forget to carry your identity proof.
Music- Music is the key factor of a club. A place with your favorite music will always be more attractive than a place with less favorite one. Many clubs arrange for different DJs from around the world to make their music more attractive. Super 20 is one of my favorite clubs that has many events planned.
Ambiance- Most of the clubs of Dubai are based on a particular theme. Here you can find a club based on caffe themes like Tsunami or a club with the ambiance of neon space, or a club with a beautiful aesthetic environment. So, while visiting a club one should check for the ambiance of the place.
Food Menu- Many clubs provide authentic Indian food with a vast variety of starters and main courses. A club like Tashan provides Indian cuisine with authentic taste. One can enjoy many starters and the main course. Most of the clubs have their food menu online, so one can check and select the place according to your taste.
Drinks Menu- clubs of Dubai have a wide variety of drink options. The place is filled with expert Bartenders who are not only expert in making multiple drinks but shows different tricks also during that preparation. There are many options for nonalcoholic drinks also. So, while selecting the club do not forget to check out the drinks. This city can give you the experience of drinks that you can never forget.
Sheesha- Many clubs give the option of Sheesha also. Many people tend to enjoy their clubbing after getting this only. So check out whether there are options for this or not before heading to the club if you wanted to have some.
Location- Clubs of Dubai are scattered throughout the city. Some clubs are near the beach and some are near the center of the city. So, one should check out for the location that is more suitable to travel. However, there is no concern about security as all the places in Dubai are secure and one need not worry about their safety.
Timings- Dubai is a desert so, most of the activities could be done here in the evening only. Clubs of Dubai normally open in the evening near 09:00 PM and operated till the early wee hours of about 04:00 AM. The weekend of Dubai is off Friday and Saturday and most people start hitting the clubs on Thursday. So as per convenience, one can select the time for the Visit. However, most of the clubs offer a day or two a week as Lady’s Night. So, if you are looking to enjoy such an evening consider Tuesday or Wednesday as the day for clubbing.
Events- Some of the clubs host different kinds of events also, like music releases or promotion parties. Anyone looking for such events could select the place with these things to offer.
Dress code- Dress codes are important while going clubbing. For entering a club you must be dressed appropriately despite being a modest city. For women where heels are necessary for being part of the attire. Males should also be appropriately dressed. It is always better to get confirmation about the dress code of a club before visiting the same.
Club Charge- For most of the club entry is free, however, with the increase in the number of people visiting the club charges are also being implemented.

In conclusion, Dubai is one of the best destinations around the world for clubbing. However, one should never forget to evaluate the place before visiting. It is better to select the place wisely to make wonderful memories. Clubs of Dubai gives you a vast variety of options to explore depending on your requirements. So considering all the factors select the place that offers you exquisite options of food and drinks which you can enjoy with your favorite music and dance to your favorite tunes.

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