Love Handles

The areas of skin that on the sides of the abdomen extending outwards from the hips are called ‘love handles.’ Fat often accumulates in these areas. When you wear clothes with a tight fit, they become highly visible and may cause you to feel embarrassed.

If you are one of those women worried about the pronounced love handles and want to get rid of these, you need to develop an understanding of the underlying causes.  The general reason is fat retention, but what is causing this fat to accumulate?

This article aims to introduce you to the causes behind love handles and wat to get rid of these.

Contributing factors to the formation of Love handles:

Fatty tissue can begin to deposit in any part of the human body. This happens when your body is taking in more calories than it is burning. You can either reduce the number of calories you take in or improve the consumption rate. But let’s first discuss the causes:

· Hormonal issues

In the human body, various hormones are at work regulating multiple functions. One of the well-known hormones is Cortisol. If its production becomes abnormal, you tend to gain excess weight. It is a stress hormone secreted by adrenal glands and helps your body deal with stresses.

If the cortisol levels exceed the normal range, you develop excess weight. Besides, it also induces high blood pressures and reduces your energy levels. This is one of the critical causes of the development of Love handles among adult women.

· Lack of physical activity

Lack of physical activity is one of the critical causes of most illnesses. Fat is a precursor to those illnesses. If you are not working out regularly and are eating to the fullest, twice, or thrice a day, without precautions, you are sure to develop love handles.

If they are bulging out, working out for a week or two may not work in your favor. You must thus go to a Slimming center in Dubai to get thorough guidance and personalized targeted weight loss plan. The experts will help provide you with practical tips and ways to get rid of love handles if the lack of physical activity is the only cause behind these.

· Slow metabolism

Many people do not lose fatty deposits even after persistent efforts. This is because their metabolic rates are not as rapid as weight loss requires. They might not face issues like Love handles bulging outwards despite medium intensity exercise and moderate diet.

Four ways to get rid of love handles:

Wherever there’s a way, there’s a will. Love handles are not as pleasant to carry as they sound. If you want to look slim and fit, you need to get rid of these as soon as possible. For this purpose, one of the following ways may prove to be your savior:

· Back and abs exercises

You can find effective exercises for targeted weight loss for all parts of the body. The same is the case for Love handles. But in this scenario, you need to couple the strengthening and resistance activities with the targeted movements.

Indulge in moderate exercise by targeting back, abs, and hips for at least five hours a week. Do not forget to incorporate aerobic activities in the meanwhile.

· Slimming treatments

While there are many ways you can design your fitness routines, you can rely on technology as well. Patented technologies like LPG massage treatments and HYPOXI devices are highly capable of giving you sustainable results. You only need to indulge in short sessions for weight loss.

These treatments are dynamic in their approach and provide other benefits besides fat loss. Since these involve various massages, they help rejuvenate your skin and make it more radiant.

· Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches will tempt you to go through them fast. The key to lose Love handles with bicycle crunches is to take the crunches slower. You have to make controlled movements. First of all, you have to lay down on your back. 

Lift the head and shoulders above from the ground and keep the keens bent till the shins become parallel to the ground. Twist. Twist your body left and extend the right leg. Do the same with the other side. Repeat them fifteen to twenty times.

·  Russian twists

Russian twists are another exercise you carry out while seated.  Sit on the floor with the butt on the ground. Bend your knees. Tighten your abdomen. Lean your torso at a forty-five-degree angle backward. Clasp your palms with each other. Lift your feet up. Cross your ankles to balance your body.

Twist your torso first to the right and then to the left. Repeat 15 times, at least.

Are love handles worrying you?

If they are, you need to do something about it, because worrying may affect your mental health. So get up, identify your causes, and then find the most appropriate solution for the problem. You can defeat the Love handles with your indomitable will and determination. Prioritize physical fitness now!


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