Ideal Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy For a Comfortable Sleep

Finding the best and comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy especially in the last trimester can be a tough job. A good and comfortable sleep is a must to have a healthy and happy baby development. In addition to it, a good sleeping position also ensures that your baby is safe inside the womb. 

You need to be extra cautious while taking a nap because you don’t want to hurt the baby unknowingly. Sleeping in a comfortable position can be tough during pregnancy but it is surely not impossible. Apart from the comfortable position, your sleep can also be affected due to several other factors like frequent peeing, tender breast, backache, heartburns, hot flashes, breathing difficulties, etc.

 1.    Sleep during the first trimester

During the first trimester, it is obvious for the mothers to feel tired and restless. Some might also experience fatigue and drowsiness all the time. Due to excessive vomit and nauseous the energy level is always low. 

Apart from low energy levels, frequent visits to the bathroom, morning sickness, tender breasts, and tummy cramp can affect your sleep. Follow a sleep schedule and workout to have a deep sleep and some online medicine offers. Drink more water before noon and reduce the liquid intake by the end of the day. This will reduce the chances of frequent peeing. 

2.    Sleep during the second trimester

Usually, the second trimester is considered the easiest one because you can experience a reduction in nausea and fatigue.  But unfortunately, many ladies experience heartburn during the second trimester, this is due to the high pressure of growing baby on your tummy.  Take a walk after every meal and drink a cup of hot water before going to bed. All of this will prevent heartburn. 

Eat an easily digestible meal at night, it will control the excessive secretion of stomach acids. Avoid indulging in soft drinks and aerated juices because excessive phosphorus presence can affect the calcium in your body. Moreover, soft drinks are not good for you as well as the baby’s health. Switch to healthy and natural fruit juice. 

3.    Sleep during the third trimester

Getting good sleep during the last trimester is super difficult. It can be challenging if your weight is on the higher side of PPE Health and Safety. Finding a comfortable position can also be a challenging task. It is best to sleep on the left side for a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Avoid sleeping during day time, it can make you lazy. Take a small occasional walk during day time to have a good sleep. 

Ideal Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy For a  Peaceful Sleep 

1. Sleeping on Back 

If you enjoy sleeping on your back then stick to it, it is one of the best and safest sleeping positions during pregnancy. It is safe to sleep on the back during the first trimester, after entering into the second trimester, avoid sleeping on the back as it can put extra pressure on the blood flowing to the heart and legs. 

Continuously sleeping on the back can make you dizzy and your baby’s growth can also be highly affected. In addition to it, sleeping on the back for a long time can lead to lower back pain, breathing difficulty, low blood pressure, and heartburns.

2. On Your Side 

This is the best and ideal position to sleep throughout pregnancy. You can start practising sleeping on the side from the second trimester. Sleeping on the left side is most effective because it promotes maximum blood circulation for both mother and baby. 

In addition to it, sleeping on the side also prevents putting extra pressure on the liver and other vital organs. While sleeping on the side, bend your legs in the fetus position. To get maximum support place a pillow between both the legs. You can get comfortable sleep on the left side, it is also the best position to reduce the swelling of feet. In addition to it, this position prevents water retention. 

3. Sleeping on Stomach 

It is best to avoid sleeping on the stomach during the pregnancy. It is a wrong sleeping position and can also affect your foetus’s growth.  It is fine to sleep on the stomach during the first-timers but it is always advisable to reduce the frequency. Sleeping on the stomach even for a small-time duration can make you uncomfortable.

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