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Translation and localization are a part of every organization seeking to expand globally or trying to lay its foundation for the target audience. Growing any business overseas means creating a new user base and therefore localization and Translation industry are required for effective global operations. While translation involves converting the source text into target language, localization is required to adapt or modify the product design and marketing functions to suit local markets. As even small businesses nowadays are looking for customers outside of their borders, there is a strong requirement of translation in every sphere and domain!

As there have been huge changes in the translation industry, we bring you the latest trends that will help you know better about this industry and what to expect in the coming few years.

Boom in E-learning translation:

E-learning is an ever-growing Translation industry and continues to grow like never before. More and more organizations are using E-learning this year because it improves the learners’ retention levels manifolds! Today most of the e-learning content is available in the English language solely. But with the rise of globalization in this sector, there has been an increase in the number of online educators who require eLearning translation services in different languages for their e-learning courses. As we can imagine, this trend is going to continue in the coming years too with everyone utilizing translation services in their learning strategies!

Subtitling and video translation:

Every day, billions of videos are watched by people—and it isn’t a wonder that video content is booming and taking over the world. With so many videos streaming everywhere, there is a consistent need of translating them to various languages and dialects. Also, people these days search for the convenience of subtitled movies and television shows. Hence, translation would be contributing significantly to the growth of subtitling and video translation.

The dilemma with Machine translation:

Neural machine translation (NMT), with the power of deep learning, has arisen as a powerful algorithm to accomplish more efficient translations. However, the accuracy and contextual sanity of these automated translations have always been a question of debate. While it would not be unfair to say that the accuracy of pure human translations in a given context is usually far superior, efforts are being done in the industry to improve the contextual quality of machine translations. 

Social Media localizations – The new age communication channel

Social media is one of the most popular communication channels these days and not surprisingly, most brands have their strong presence on various Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Accordingly, to communicate with your local customer, it is imperative that all Social posts, responses, contests etc are in the local language. This is where a professional translation company comes into play! A global agency has a team of native translators who are experts in recreating the content in the customer’s language in the same tone and style as it was originally written!


Transcription ‘translates’ and ‘recreates’ the source content in a new language while maintaining the existing context and style. It is basically taking the original intent of the brand to the native or new audience. Technological advancement has made companies reach out to customers around the world and there is an increase in demand for transcreation services. Expanding into new territories for businesses means using transcription services to ease their passage and this trend will only be increasing in the future.

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