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Not every dress or shirt is meant to fit your WordPress Theme. It needs to be customized as per your requirements, lest it ends up being uncomfortable and unattractive. If you think this is not relatable to your business, think again.

Since WordPress is one of the best options for creating websites with excellent UI/UX options, it is much sought after by professionals. There are some underlying themes and layouts provided by the platform. Here is how you can customize it to make it your own.

1.Demo theme vs. Custom coding

There are several themes that are available as a demo for the user. Its pre-built feature makes it easier for the user to feed information while creating a website. The theme can be built up from scratch. Each element in the theme is under the discretion of the user.

It may be abundantly time-consuming to create the theme from scratch. It is better to opt for HTML to WordPress conversion service from a professional to customize the demo themes.

2. Basic customization options

The devil is in the details, and these details are exactly what set your website apart from the others. Click on the ‘Customize’ option on the dashboard. Under ‘site identity’, there will be a number of customizing options that will give your website or blog a unique appeal. The logo is the primary identifier of your business, and it plays a significant role in setting your business apart. To upload or update a logo, click on ‘Appearance’ after going to ‘Theme options’. Upload the picture of the logo and resize it, if needed.

3. Scheme your colours

Colour has an instant effect on the reader’s mind. It has the power to make or break the brand’s perception. This is why the color scheme needs to be customized in a way that is unique to your business and reflects its brand appeal.

Single color themes are basic and classic, but if you want to give it a slightly modern edge, a combination of two or three colors is a good fit.

Any more then that will only end up making your website look like a lit-up Christmas tree. It’s better to avoid multiple-colour schemes when you want to convert Website to WordPress theme as well.

4. Font style

You may be successful in coming up with the best hook line to grab the attention of your readers, but if they can’t read it, what is the use? Font style is that piece of Jenga that needs to be balanced correctly to keep it from falling apart.

Most people try to get too creative with the typography and end up making it difficult to read for the audience. Click on the ‘ Appearance’ button on the ‘Fonts’ option. Pick out a style that resembles the original one but with a simple yet unique twist. That is how the magic of customization lures in its audience.

5. File it your way

The files of your website are what the audience is interested in. The header and footer files construct the basic options that might be needed by the readers. A sorted out menu and an attractive heading can be added by clicking on the ‘Customize’ option. An HTML to WordPress conversion service adds the functionality of the index file by giving the page a proper structure for the display of files.

6. Social network and contacts

If one likes your business website and wants to contact you, the information needs to be on their screen and should be accessible with just a click.

That is possible only when you customize your website to enter the contact details, social media accounts, and business days and hours. All one has to do is click on ‘Appearance’ which will lead to ‘Theme options.’

The ‘Socials’ options will take care of the rest of your website’s needs.

7. Plugins

WordPress Theme

The last but not the least useful way to customize your options when you convert a Website to WordPress or create a new blog on WordPress is a plugin. They help in transforming the look of the page and giving it the kind of tweak that you want for your brand. Before installing the plugins, decide whether you want the free or the premium version of it.

These are some of the most useful ways you can use the options available on WordPress to customize your website or blog to fit your brand. It might sound like a cumbersome project, but a little time and patience can do wonders for your brand. Not only does it have a unique touch, but also the right mix of options to give your audience just what they need.


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