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Most of all consumers who enjoy listening to music and beautiful sounds from wireless headphones are interested in sound quality. It’s time to think about the best Bluetooth headphones all users can purchase online shopping from Myntra.

Bluetooth headsets and portable headsets are being prevalent quite nowadays. But it’s necessary to purchase a higher quality Bluetooth headphone because if you buy a poor quality headphone than you’re never going to be happy with the lousy music setup. In such a scenario, you need to pick a proper headset for Bluetooth. 

It is a little challenging to select a better quality headphone in any online store, so here we list the best Bluetooth earphones online that you can purchase in India. Not only can these Wireless headphones offer excellent audio quality but they do come with decent battery life so you can enjoy your music to the max. Let’s get going then.

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Sony Headphone

Sony Headphone

Sony Bluetooth headphones are just as popular as the Walkman. Sony earphones bear that tradition as well. Sony should undoubtedly be considered a giant that shaped how we treat audio devices in general over the years, encompassing a variety of features including noise reduction, extra bass and longevity.

Saying that Sony is a long shot would understate a company with headphones. A global group of Japanese conglomerates, it has its hand in many parts of consumer and technical electronics, sports, entertainment and financial services. Sony first made a revolution in 1979, when they created the iconic Walkman, the world’s first portable music player. The Walkman, in turn, started a revolution among the music fans of the planet and lifted portable audio items to a whole new standard. A Sony headphone is a reckoning force.

Top features

  • NFC One-Tap Connect
  • Light body
  • Four different colour variants
  • Like Samsung Level-U behind U Neck Wire Management
  • The Output has 9mm neodymium drivers that give an excellent sound for low power input
  • vibration alert for phone calls or text messages
  • It has buttons for separate volume, play/pause, and power on-off.
  • The Sony Bluetooth headphone battery life is excellent, and it can easily run more than 1-2 days.

JBL Bluetooth headphones

JBL Bluetooth headphones

JBL headphones are what Maruti Suzuki is for cars in terms of personal music. In hell, there is a possibility of a snowball that someone who has ever dreamed about some sort about audio has not heard of headphones from JBL. This is one bonafide American company whose biggest claim to fame is their loudspeaker collection. This is a very ancient business that has kept up with the changing times quite effectively.

JBL India is a name that pops up quite easily and quite frequently, enjoying a mass appeal due to its multitude of options! JBL earphones, JBL wireless earphones and even JBL wireless headphones rage among the hip and young crowds because of their familiar bass-heavy sound

BoAt Bluetooth Headphone

BoAt Bluetooth Headphone

The BoAt is today one of the most common Headphone brands in the online industry with many best-selling headphones on offer. I became a fan of this Indian power brand when revising Boat Headphones.

This Super Bass headphone power technology is truly groundbreaking. Currently, on JBL, Philips, and Sony Headphones, these things have yet to come. Boat launched that early on such an inexpensive luxury headset, however.

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