Summer is almost upon, which calls for a significant wardrobe update. Are you still holding a simple leather bag on a plain white t-shirt and denim? No way, girl, it’s a time to change your style with trendy and latest accessories. Maybe the bags under the beds are eye-appealing, but it’s time to hold the bags that finish your look. We have narrowed down our approach and come with the sassy, stylish, and voguish bags that every girl must have in their wardrobes. So, let’s get started. 

Following are the definitive list of the five types of bags that every woman should own:


Duffle Bag: Duffle bag is the most stylish one that you can pick. A minimalist tone and easy to carry is versatile for a weekend getaway. However, you cannot take your ex’s dead body in it, but it’s great for two days of travelling purposes. At Aldo, you can get this bag in an extensive range of designs and materials. Modernistic and pretentious are the things that only reflect from women who choose sleek bags like duffle bags. Go the extra mile by carrying a duffle bag on an olive jacket and pair with the canvas shoes. 

Evening clutch: Fall in love with this sparkling evening clutch that makes you dressy and elegant. You will see many women carry evening clutch in the parties because it takes them away from casual looks and gives them a perfect party look. If you can hold an evening clutch with a wedding season dress, it gives you a sassy look. 

Classic tote: You might not think of this bag, but it’s essential to include in women bags a must-have list. If you are someone who usually prefers casual looks, then opt for this. There are plenty of designs, colours, and shapes available in classic tote. It’s highly recommended for women who love to be in a casual style. An oversized boyo t-shirt ripped jeans, and canvas and this lovely casual bag make your casual day more stylish and happening. 

Bags that are must-have every woman

The crossbody bag: A crossbody bag is also known as a hands-free bag. If you are looking for the bag you can wear everywhere this year on any outfit then crossbody is for you. It is just perfect. Not only in the stylish sense, but it allows you to walk, jump, and run care-free. You can carry this bag on jeans, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, dresses, or even night suits. 

Satchel: If you are a 9-5 woman, then Stachel is for you. These bags are suspicious, available in a wide variety of designs, colours, and shapes. At, Aldo you also get this bag in an orange hue. It is a surprisingly vintage colour and finishes your formal attire look. 

Final Say:

Do you like our must-have bag list? If yes, then check these bags by merely clicking on the Aldo products and choosing the perfect one that makes your look pop. 

By Alin

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