Wooden Locking Puzzles

The Burr puzzle is also known as Arhat’s Puzzle. It is a puzzle that uses interconnected pieces of wood to create a three-dimensional puzzle. It is an entertaining challenge for both children and adults alike. Whether you are passionate about puzzles or are looking for something fun to do with your kids, wooden locking puzzles are quite the right tool. You can work your way around while understanding the concept of the solution. You can also view these variants on the Cubelelo official website and even make a purchase if you are looking for a betting website then you can visit here Nekraj Cricket Prediction.

3 Ways to Solve Wooden Locking Puzzles

1. The 6-piece wooden locking puzzle solution

The 6-piece Wooden Locking Puzzles are quite an easy puzzle to solve once you understand how they can be put together. You can either watch this tutorial by FLEB Puzzles or scroll to read the solution. 

Step 1: The first step to solve this puzzle is to remove one of the notched pieces such that when it is in a standing position, it resembles the letter E. 

Step 2: Once done, the next step is to remove another one of the notched pieces and lay on its side. Now you can connect this to the piece that was set upright in the previous step. 

Step 3: You can then create the left wall by sliding a piece with a notch at the bottom by the side of the first piece. The bottom notch will then connect with a notch in the second piece to keep all three of them together. 

Step 4: When done, place the piece that looks identical to the one used in the first step. However, now this will be placed in the opposite direction to create another puzzle wall. This means that the piece would now resemble the number three when it is set upright. 

Step 5: You must now repeat the action performed in step 3. However, this will be executed in such a way that it creates a wall on the right side. By this stage, you would have created all four walls with a gap in the middle. 

Step 6: You are almost there! You can now assemble the other pieces together and place it in the gap of the solid burr. Once this has been put into place, you would have successfully completed the 6-pieces wooden interlocking puzzle!

2. The 12-piece wooden locking puzzle solution

If you wish to start with the 12-piece puzzle, you can follow these steps or watch the video below by Matthias Wandel. 

Step 1: In the first step, you need to place two pieces with notches on the left while the right-side face upwards. 

Step 2: Now place two more pieces such that they are locked into place with the original two pieces from step 1. When the pieces are held upright, it should resemble a hashtag or a pound sign. 

Step 3: Now that you have placed four pieces together, pieces 5 and 6 will be placed into horizontal notches that are located in the middle of pieces 1 and 2. Whereas pieces 7 and 8 will be placed into notches between pieces 3 and 4.

Step 4: Now, pieces 9 and 10 will easily interconnect with the notches in the middle of the pillars closest and farthest from you. This new structure will have created spaces for the last two final pieces. 

Step 5: Piece 11 will now be added to the left, whereas piece 12 will be added to the right. Once all the pieces are locked correctly, you will have successfully solved the 12-piece wooden interlocking puzzle. 

3. The 24-piece wooden interlocking puzzle solution

Though this 24-piece puzzle looks complicated, it is quite easy to solve. When you break it down, you will notice that this piece has different parts – 6 long parts and 18 short parts. Two of these short parts have a notch cut out, which helps in assembling the puzzle. Watch this easy assembly tutorial by Matthias Wandel. 

You need to build the first assembly which consists of 6 parts. Once done, you need to then build the other assemblies and lock them in place. The notched parts are what keep your assembled pieces in place. Therefore, you should aim to fix the notched pieces towards the end as they can be directly dropped into place. 


There are many other variations of wooden interlocking puzzles like the 18-pieces, 24-piece, Gem puzzle, etc. What’s more, is that there are no hard and fast rules to solve these puzzles. These wooden interlocking puzzles are also a great gift choice for any season or occasion!  

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