PCNOK, also known as The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is the largest state-wide primary care network. It is a collaborative effort between 19 Oklahoma Community Health Centers. PCNOK was created in the year 2014 and was founded with the aim to improve collaboration. To accomplish the triple objective of the reforms to health care (better treatment, healthier people, and more efficient use of available resources), PCNOK functions as a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN). Furthermore, the group is a champion for its members’ contractual interests, including group purchasing in their name.

PCNOK Full Form

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma ( PCNOK) provides interventions, data analytics programs, techniques, as well as information on coordination of care available. To be able to qualify PCNOK must meet certain requirements, including the possibility of grants to build infrastructure and improve the procedure.

This agreement allows participants to advocate for general care, cost, and quality accountability. The organization’s revenues are lower than 5 million. In the end, PCNOK’s governing body has come to an authentically authorized decision that this arrangement was fair. Let’s review the most significant PCNOK issues.


PCNOK members work together to improve the quality of care through the integration of telehealth, mental health teams, care teams, and health coaches within the scope of primary healthcare.

  • Impact

PCNOKs provides services to residents of all 77 Oklahoma counties. The holistic care model covers every stage of life from prenatal care to Geriatric care.


The impact utilizes community collaborations and social determinants of health and integration techniques to help individuals achieve more health and wellness.

  • Prevention and Primary Care On A Large Scale

Membership runs in 63 rural and urban locations that are designated as patient-centered Medical Homes that provide medical dental, vision, and mental health care services, and diagnostic tests as well as nutrition, pharmacy, and diagnostic testing as well as referrals to specialist health care when needed. PCNOKs is the largest primary healthcare provider network.


PCNOK members are accepted by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance as well as self-pay patients. Discounts are available for cash-paying patients who are not more than 200 percent of the poverty level, based on the income of the patient and eligibility.

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