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If you’re a committed gamer, then you’re probably aware of the importance of live-streaming, or broadcasting recorded videos to your fans. Twitch Chat Logs is a well-known web website that lets you achieve exactly this and more!

Twitch Chat is an integral element of the streaming platform, it allows the streamer as well as the viewers to maintain a healthy connection through the same Twitch channel. To ensure an enjoyable chat experience and to avoid letting negative actors cause havoc it is crucial to be aware of and manage the Twitch chat logs.

In this post, we’ll look at the necessity of keeping track of your Twitch chat logs and various methods to do so. We will also provide answers to certain security-related questions, such as who can see the logs of your conversations?’ as well as Does Twitch keep your chat history?’ So, without any further delay, we’ll dive right into the subject.

Why is it important to monitor the logs of your Twitch Chat logs?

Analyzing the reactions of the audience

It’s impossible to keep up the audience you’re broadcasting to when in your zone. As streamers, you must be aware of whether what you are doing resonates with your viewers.

Although you can read opinions on different platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, getting real-time comments from the chat is a more trustworthy method of determining whether your strategy is working or not.

Be sure to check for inappropriate comments

It is vital for streaming users of Twitch to check their streams for possible violations of Twitch’s Terms and Conditions of Service. If your viewers regularly engage in abusive comments or behavior they may be banned from your channel even though you’re not aware of the abusive comments on your channel.

Reviewing Disciplined Revision of Disciplinary

Sometimes, chat Mods may be too harsh (or gentle) towards your chat users. Whatever the case, it’s extremely helpful to look over your chat logs to determine whether your users have violated any of your guidelines or not.

Finding New Content

When you read through comments you may discover some brand new memes or slang to allow you to keep track of the content on platforms and keep you updated with the latest trends on the internet.

Does Twitch keep the history of your chat?

It’s not true, Twitch does not keep the history of your chat. There is no endpoint that has been documented to retrieve chat history, therefore, if you wish to keep track of chat history for the channel, you’ll need to connect to Twitch Chat and store those messages by yourself.

How can you look up the contents of your Chat Logs using a streamer?

Make use of the Search Command for the User. Search Command

If you want to look up specific accounts, you may use the user search feature. Use the command /user[usernamewithin the chatbox on your channel and Twitch allows you to gain access to important information about the user, including:

  • How many messages has users left for you on your channel?
  • When did the account for the user be established?
  • The user has how many times been timed out of the chat?
  • How many times have you banned a user on your channels?
  • What kind of feedback have users left to your YouTube channel?
  • Any feedback left by your moderators about this particular user.

It is important to note this: the User Search Command will not show any comments that were removed by moderators. However, it could be used to identify the date at which the user was penalized so that you can look up their conversation within the VOD.

Make use of a third-party application

Utilizing a third-party application or chatbot, like Chatty can provide you with more control, better knowledge, and longer-lasting reviews. This will help you stay up-to-date on the chat reviews.

Chatty ( Chatty – Twitch Chat Client) is open-source Java-based software that offers a number of benefits including downloading the chat transcript as well as auto-moderation capabilities that are based on pre-defined terms. It’s very easy to use and can even save details such as emoticons and badges that fill in the gaps in your information. But, Chatty will not log in to chats automatically and will delete messages that were not deleted after a certain time.

A variety of chatbots, such as Nightbot, Streamlabs, and StreamElements Bot are great alternatives to Chatty and can make your streaming experience more enjoyable and profitable.

How can I access on Twitch Chat Logs as moderator?

Moderators have access to the chat logs of individual viewers. To view chat logs as a moderator all you need to do is open Moderator View and then click on a user’s name.

The first step: Mod View may be opened by clicking the sword icon located in the lower-right area of the screen.

Second step: click the name of a particular user to open their log of chats on the channel.

Step 3: Browse through the chats and access their previous records. It is also possible to view any mod-related comments reviews, bans, comments, or timeouts that a user has received through this list.

How can I view Twitch Chat Logs using Viewer?

Viewers are not able to view their own logs on any of the channels. This is due to the fact that hosting chat logs on a channel is in violation of the platform’s rules regarding data sharing. Only a streamer or moderator is able to perform this via the methods above or VODs.

VODs allows you to record the entire streaming session. They permit you to replay every incident that took place within the chatbox. You can also look at the comments that the moderator has taken out!

As a user, The only way you will be able to view the chat history is by asking the moderator to please you and provide you with a portion of your chat log.

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