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Did you know that 72% of internet users learn about products through Explainer Videos? When you’re choosing between written vs. video content to promote and explain your product, there’s a lot you need to take into account.

Visual content or video marketing drives about 300% more traffic to websites than any other type of content. Keep reading, and we will guide you through explainer videos vs. written testimonials and which is better.

Written Testimonials

Written testimonials are quotes from past customers that have used your product or service, talking about how it helped or benefited them. They can be based on specific questions you ask, show improvement statistics, or have a before-and-after effect.

Customer testimonials can help increase your click-through rate and conversions. Testimonials will help build brand trust because when people see that other people like them found your product or service helpful, they will be more inclined to try it.

What Are Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a quick way to tell your company’s story, and mission and help show them how your product or service will make their lives easier. It’s a way for you to introduce yourself to your target audience, explain what your product or service does, and tell your audience how it will help solve their problems.

When you create a video, you show your audience with a visual representation. About 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they first see an explainer video.

If you have a video on your website, you will be moved up in Google rankings when people search keywords that match up with your website and video. You can share the video on multiple social media platforms.

You will ultimately get in returns on the small spend you need to create the video. Rock Creek Productions is a video production company in Asheville, NC, that can help make your vision into a video.

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Videos vs. Written Content

Now that we’ve gone through both written testimonials and explainer videos, both are essential pieces of content that build brand trust and awareness. However, videos have far more impact on consumers and improve your overall marketing strategy.

With a video, you will be able to increase engagement and bring captivating content that can visually show how your product or service can help your consumers.

Plan Out Your Explainer Video

Now that you know about the importance of explainer videos vs. written testimonials, you can assess how you can create a video that will help promote your product or service.

Videos are a visually appealing way to introduce your company, explain what your product or service is, and show your target audience how it will help them. Videos can help move up your website on Google searches and produce a more significant ROI than written content.

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