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There was a point in time when a business Website Update served no purpose other than to relay basic information about products, opening hours, and contact details. These things are still important to include, but today a website needs to be so much more. It should be SEO-friendly and publish content that aligns with your digital marketing strategy all while conveying your brand identity.

The stakes are high. In fact, 50% of consumers believe a business’s web design is important to the success of its overall brand. If you’re in need of a website update this isn’t something you should put on the backburner.

How can you tell if it is time to update your website? Read on to find out.

1. You Haven’t Touched It in Years

When was the last time you had a website overhaul? If you’re struggling to remember when this was then chances are you need to take a long hard look at your website design.

Outdated websites are easy to spot and having one can reflect poorly on your business. If you want to make sure your business has a modern website that’s always optimized to the latest SEO specifications don’t go too long between tweaks.

2. You’ve got a High Bounce Rate

Looking at analytics is a great way of assessing what works with your website and what doesn’t. You can analyze metrics like your bounce rate and your exit rate to see how your customers are behaving on your site. If your bounce rate is high it’s usually a sign something isn’t working like you’d want it to.

3. The Look Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

Over time businesses evolve and change. If you’ve gone in a new direction in terms of your branding then you need to make sure this change is reflected in your web design. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a web presence that’s un-cohesive and confusing for your customers.

4. The Information Is Outdated

Your website should always be an accurate representation of where your company is at—literally and figuratively. If you’ve moved locations, added new team members, or have new projects you want to showcase you need to make sure they’re included on your site. Do an audit every couple of months to make sure the details are always as up-to-date as possible.

5. It’s Not Mobile Responsive

Think about the way in which you normally access websites. Often it will be from your desktop, yes. But today more and more people are accessing sites from their phones.

It’s for this reason that you need to make sure you’ve got a website that’s optimized for mobile. Otherwise, you’re alienating a huge chunk of your customer base.

Begin Your Website Update Today

If you suspect your business could be in need of a website update don’t delay! Get the ball rolling as soon as possible? For more business tips and advice on web design and digital marketing see the rest of our articles now.

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