Get ready for a Wordle spinoff. This time, you have to figure out the song that is being performed. Although it seems easy enough, however, the real challenge is players being able to figure out the song based on the notes that begin. Let’s look at today’s Heardle!

Other Wordle spin-offs comprise Worldle, Quordle, Nerdle, and even a spin-off with a Pokemon theme called Sqwordle.

Heard answer and song for the Friday 20th of May

If you’re here, probably you’re struggling to figure out which track is playing in today’s Heardle. Don’t fret, Heardles can be a bit challenging when you first attempt it. But only if you’ve got sharp ears and a pair of headphones, that is.

Before we reveal the answer, you’ll likely want to figure out the song by yourself, and we’ll provide some clues.

How do I play Heardle?

Similar to Wordle players are also given six choices to identify the song. The songs included in Heardle are chosen from a list of most-streamed songs of the past decade. Furthermore, Heardle only gives you only snippets of the intro.

If you’re unable to figure out the song on the first try, you may make a mistake and the game will give you an additional second. After that, you are able to offer some more guesses. The game provides you with three, two, four, and finally five seconds of the song you’re trying to guess.

The clues to the current Heardle

  • The song is the debut single by a male American musician and singer.
  • The track was released on the 16th of September in 2002.
  • The song was praised by critics as the most “post-boyband” debut single. The singer was a part of NSYNC prior to releasing his first single
  • Some of the most memorable lyrics from the song include: “If you smiling, it will be the first thing to do. Simply be active. If you release your body, the music will stimulate your bones. Keep in mind …”

What’s the Heardle for May 20th?

If you’re still unable to guess it, you’re in good shape. This is the Heardle answer and the song for the 20th of May will be Like I Love You,” By Justin Timberlake.

We hope that this has helped to keep the Heardle streak. Keep an eye on our website to find the answer to tomorrow’s Heardle. You can play Heardle right here.

Are you having any concerns regarding Heardle? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comments section below. For more information be sure to check us out right here on Spiel Times.

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