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In our digital world, it is becoming more and more important to have a Great Website Design for your business. In fact, 92% of business owners believe that the most effective digital marketing strategy is to have a website!

But it doesn’t end there. Having a website isn’t always enough. For your business to truly be successful online, you need to have great website design.

If you’re unfamiliar with the technological world, creating an appealing and accessible website can be intimidating. You may recoil at the very thought of even touching a keyboard or mouse. Forget putting together a functional website!

But don’t worry. All you need to do is start with the basics. Read on to discover 5 key elements of great website design!

1. Content

Your content is the main reason why people are visiting your webpage! Make it worth their while.

Content should be informative, easy to read and understand, and high-quality. It can include videos, images, articles and blog posts, recent news, and relevant information.

Make sure you put effort into your online content. It shows your website users that you care! You could even collaborate with other professionals to take your content to the next level, like hiring videographers to produce first-rate videos for you.

2. Navigation

Good navigation is arguably the most important aspect of great website design. A website that’s difficult to navigate will turn almost anyone away, even tech enthusiasts!

You need to consider how to be web-friendly to even the most technologically clueless person out there. Users should always know where they are on your site and how to get to where they want to go. Make sure you organize widgets and pages sensibly and logically, and give easy access to important information, like contact info.

It should also be very easy to access your website. Good website accessibility is crucial – find more information here!

3. Visual Design

People are drawn to beautiful things. The more visually appealing your website is, the more time people will spend on it.

For great website design, look into things like colour theory and graphic design tricks to help you put together a stunning website. You can even use branding in your visual design, too. Feel free to include your brand colours and logos!

4. Mobile Compatibility

More and more people are spending time on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets rather than desktop computers. So, if you want great website design, you need a mobile-friendly website. That way, you can impress users on any device.

Avoid programming (video players, etc.) that doesn’t work on certain devices. Consider, too, how your visual design will appear on different screen sizes.

5. Interaction

You want users to spend as much time on your website as possible. An interactive website will help you accomplish that.

Attention spans are short, and people tend to lose interest quickly. But you can keep them engaged with an interface that is intuitive and offers suggestions for users. This can also work toward conversion – turning website visitors into customers and clients!

Remember, though, that too much interaction can also be irritating. You want to engage people, not annoy them, so try to walk that line.

Great Website Design Begins Here

A stunning website is within your grasp. If you include these five basic elements, you’ll have a phenomenal website in no time at all. Great website design has never been easier to achieve!

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