Cybersecurity vs Information Security

Did you know Cybersecurity vs Information Security costs US companies roughly $1.79m every minute

You might be worried about a cybersecurity attack, and so you may want to protect yourself. If that’s the case, you need to know the difference between information security and cybersecurity. 

This post is going to explore the topic of cybersecurity vs information security. If you finish this post, you’ll understand what each of these terms means and why they’re relevant to the world of cybercrime. 

Let’s begin!

Cybersecurity vs Information Security: What Are the Differences?

If you’ve never heard these terms before, you’re probably thinking, ‘what is cybersecurity?’ and ‘what is information security?’ 

Well, cybersecurity relates to the security of digital information. So, if you’re implementing a cybersecurity plan in your company, you’re going to focus on how you can protect all your digital data from hackers. 

Information security, on the other hand, relates to the security of all the information in your firm. So, that includes digital data, but also any of the ‘physical documents’ used by employees. 

Following this, in a way, you could say that cybersecurity is a subset of information security. 

How Can You Improve Cybersecurity?

After reading the above, you may want some cybersecurity tips. 

If that’s the case, one tip you might want to consider is enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA will make it so that people need a password, and a code, if they want to log into a certain computer/program.

This code is usually delivered by text, or via a mobile app that creates a new code every 30 seconds. 

This is really helpful because if 2FA is enabled, a hacker won’t be able to steal your data, even if they have your passwords. 

If you want to take things one step further, you should consult with a firm that specializes in Cybersecurity. If you hire a firm like this, they’ll analyze your current setup and will then tell you how you can improve things. 

How Can You Improve Information Security?

If you want to improve information security within your firm, there are a couple of things you can do. 

Firstly, you need to make sure you dispose of documents in the correct manner. Ideally, this means you should shred all the documents you no longer require. 

You also want to make sure employees only print sensitive documents if they absolutely have to.

After all, if people don’t print that many sensitive documents, it’s going to be a lot harder for thieves to find documents that they can exploit. 

Will You Become a Victim?

Now that you’ve read this post, you should know more about the topic of cybersecurity vs information security. 

As time goes on, people might not follow the guidelines you have laid out in regards to these two issues. As a result, employees may start making mistakes that could lead to a negative situation. 

Following this, you might want to hold regular training sessions for your staff. If you do this, you’ll reduce the odds of an employee doing something that might harm your company. 

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