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Walt Disney parks, in a recent year, received nearly 44 million visitors. Disney World for Adults, Disney Land, and all Walt Disney parks and resorts are fun for the entire family, but that doesn’t mean that adults can’t stop by and have the time of their lives. 

Whether you’re a parent looking to see what kicks you can get aside from the kids’ enjoyment or are interested in planning an all-adults trip to Disney, you should consider the magic that is in store for you. 

These tips will help you when you’re looking into having a good time at Disney World for adults. 

Consider the Alcoholic Beverage Options 

If you’re going to Disney, make no mistake that there are plenty of alcoholic beverages available, and even a Disney bar crawl you can take advantage of. You’ll be able to grab your favourite India Pale Ale (IPA), enjoy a glass of red or white wine, or appreciate a well-mixed cocktail. 

The best Epcot restaurants also have extensive alcoholic beverage options, and you can also take advantage of some specials. Disney nightlife lasts until 2 a.m. on Disney resorts, since that’s when the bar closes. You can make friends with other people staying in resorts and continue the party well into the night. 

Check Out Films and Shows

There are countless great films and shows that you can take advantage of at Disney World. Whether you’re spending time at Epcot or the Magic Kingdom, you can immerse yourself in the experience of a great presentation. 

Here are some of the films and shows you can check out while you’re in the park:

  • Magic Kingdom fireworks shows
  • African lions, birds, hippos, and other animals 
  • A Finding Nemo musical
  • Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios
  • Several character parades
  • Muppet Vision 3D and Shrek 4D
  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Build your itinerary around these different shows so that you can fit in as many as possible during your vacation. 

Appreciate the Culture

If you’ve ever been to a Disney park, you know that they go big on culture. Whether you’re looking for the best Disney World rides for adults, shows, or restaurants, take some time to appreciate the level of detail. 

For example, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is built to look almost identical to the architecture and detail of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards in Los Angeles. Epcot features landmarks and culture from countries like:

  • Norway
  • Japan
  • Canada 
  • United Kingdom
  • Morocco
  • Italy 
  • China 

Disney puts authenticity into these themes and goes above and beyond to sell the experience to its guests. 

Book a Disney Resort

Adults should always consider booking a stay at a Disney resort since it’s an all-encompassing experience that you’ll love. There are several restaurants, bars, and activities on Disney resorts – not to mention pools that people travel from all over the world to experience. 

Joining the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) can help you accumulate points that you can use to book more trips and to get rewards. Look into DVC resales so that you can get the most bang for your buck when you run your DVC account. 

Enjoy Disney World for Adults

Disney World for adults can be just as fun for you as it is for the kids when you know where to look and what to do. These tips will start you on the right track and will make sure Disney is a vacation that you will remember. 

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