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Did you know that more than 300 million photos are uploaded to Photo Editing Styles social media every day?

As time goes on, trends begin to form. Knowing popular photo editing styles is essential if you want your pictures to stand out. 

You want to grasp the photography trends and put your own spin on them. Keep reading to learn some unique ways to edit photos so you can keep up with the trends and try creating some of your own!

Vintage Edits

One of the most popular photography trends right now is creating photos that look vintage even though they’re not.

To achieve this look, a picture needs to look slightly washed out and grainy since this is how photos taken on film cameras tend to look. You can do this by decreasing the saturation of images and adjusting the brightness.

You also want to increase the grain to get that fuzzy look. After these few simple steps, you should be set!

Clean Edits

An edit like this requires photo editing tools. The goal is to create a clean end result that’s typically achieved by removing the background and adding a solid colour instead.

These photos are often used as profile pictures on professional sites. 

First, edit the original photo by increasing the saturation and brightness to get a picture that pops. Next, use a free background remover tool to remove background busyness and get a fresh slate.

Once the background is gone, you can replace it with anything you want, but if you’re going to fit this trend, it is crucial to use a solid colour background.

Your end result will be a bright and visually stunning picture that focuses on the subject and doesn’t leave room for distraction.

Black and White Edits

Black and white photographs really highlight a person’s photography skills. If a photo is stunning with no colour, it’s clearly a good picture.

That’s why black and white editing is making a comeback. It forces people to focus on the picture without flashy colours to distract them.

Most photo editing tools or apps have built-in options to create black and white pictures. However, after you use a pre-set option to change your image to black and white, you should manually make some changes. 

You can still adjust the brightness, exposure, and other standard options to achieve the right look.

Try These Trendy Photo Editing Styles Now

Trendy photo editing styles come and go, but these three options seem to be always-popular choices for photographers.

Embracing these styles now can help you get more attention for your photos and learn new techniques to incorporate into your other pictures. They’re all simple looks to achieve, but the end result for your images is a game changer!

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