According to Marham urinary incontinence occurs when the urine leaks from the bladder involuntary. Here, it is necessary to understand that leakage must not be taken normally, and required treatments must be followed to lessen the problem. However, there are a number of treatments available, and it will depend on your body to first determine the causes. Initially, the doctor may ask you to change the routine and keep a healthy lifestyle. They will make you eat the food items that may have less effect on your body. 

Changes in the Lifestyle

If some changes are made in your lifestyle, it will help with the symptoms of urinary leakage.

Weight Loss

If you are having additional weight, then talk to your health care expert about approaches to losing weight. Individuals with weight problems, once they start to reduce weight, can help with the urine leakage problem.

Fluid Management

There are some people who like to drink an enormous amount of fluids, so if they try to cut back on fluids, it will reduce their leakage. Normally, seven to eight glasses of liquid a day are sufficient for people, but you may need more additional fluid when you are sweating. On the other hand, if you take too less amount of fluid, the urine will result in much concentration and become darker in colour. It will again worsen your bladder and increase the urgency to urinate. Rather than having a large number of liquids, it is suggested to drink small amounts of fluid at intervals. If the same problem continues during the night as well, then you may stop drinking fluids at least three to four hours before sleeping. 

Avoid Constipation

The condition of constipation can make the urinary leakage more threatening. Therefore, you may increase the intake of fibre in your diet to prevent constipation.

Pelvic Muscle Exercises 

These exercises support the muscles which are involved in controlling the leakage of urine. Practising these exercises frequently helps support the muscles used to sustain the urethra and stop leakage caused by stress incontinence. Additionally, if you have impulsive urges to urinate, then these exercises can help temporarily control the urge. You may also practice rapid pelvic floor contractions. In case you do not find the floor exercises effective, then you may ask your health care expert to see what options are open to help you do the exercises sufficiently.

Bladder Training

This can help you in learning to go toilet less often by training your bladder to store an excess amount of urine. You may go to the bathroom on a schedule while awake and use techniques to control impulsive urges. You may begin by going to the toilet at exact intervals during the day, and it can start by taking short time intervals. For instance, if you have an urgent need to urinate before the time interval, you must control the urge by standing or sitting motionless. The pelvic muscle exercises will also help in controlling the urge to urinate. At the time when the control of the urination improves, you may increase the time interval by 20 minutes. Your goal must be to increase this time to a more normal interval. However, it is satisfactory to urinate about every three to four hours in the day. Moreover, older women can wake up once from sleep to urinate. 

Electrical Nerve Stimulation

After changing the lifestyle and taking full courses of medicines, still, you feel the urgency to urinate, then your health expert may suggest electrical nerve stimulation. It helps in changing the reflexes of your bladder by using moderate pulses of electricity. It stimulates the nerves that regulate the bladder and sphincter muscles.

Bladder Neck Suspension 

This is a procedure that is developed to provide support to your urethra and the bladder neck. It is an area of thick muscle from where the bladder attaches to the urethra. It involves the incision on the abdomen, so it is done during spinal anaesthesia.

Artificial Urinary Sphincter 

A small-sized ring filled with fluid is embedded around the bladder neck to keep the urinary sphincter closed until there is a requirement to urinate. At the point when you have to pass the urine, you will only press a valve that is implanted under the skin that drives the ring to deflate and passes out the urine from the bladder. 

Additional Measures

The medical treatments will help in getting the condition under control. However, you might need some additional protection to increase your confidence at times. These include two things which are as follows. 


The adult absorbent pads are available in the market, which helps in absorbing the urine during the time of emergencies. You may use them when going out of the house in the public areas.


When you have trouble keeping the bladder empty after you urinate, then your doctor may suggest you start using the catheter. It is a soft tube-like device that is inserted into the urethra. It is very easy to insert it yourself and clean it. It can be used for a full day long as per the need.

It is always best to consult professionals for better guidance. Book an appointment with the best Urologist in Peshawar through Marham for more information. 

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