Dream IRL

Fans of the Dream IRL might be in for an amazing treat since Minecraft’s Minecraft creator has reached his goal after hinting that a real-world version of his popular manhunts could be a reality.

In the realm of Minecraft, Dream IRL has paved an unbeatable platform for creators of content. Often, Dream has collaborated with fellow YouTubers such as TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFound The YouTuber is most well-known as the creator of Minecraft Manhunts, which draws thousands of viewers.

If you’re disappointed to hear of Dream’s “FinalManhunt” which could be the final episode of the show, fret not, because the series’ creator could be planning another project of much larger scope in the near future.

The Dream IRL has more than 25 million users on YouTube and is well-known as the creator of Minecraft content.

Dream IRL

Dream’s IRL manhunt series that is currently in the

At the start of Dream’s ‘Minecraft Speedrunner Vs. 5 Hunters GRAND Finale’, he started his video with an intention of the possibility of an IRL continuation. However, in order to achieve this, the YouTuber has requested a huge ambition to be met.

“This is the final game to all your marbles. The last Minecraft Manhunt. If this video is able to get 2 million hits and we’ll have the Minecraft Manhunt in real-time when George arrives in America in the real world in the near future” said the person who created it.

The Dream IRL has also stated that they’ve “even searched for an area to find it” and that they “might think about doing six hunters” in the event that the video reach its goal.

Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt video reaches 2 million, which is the same as its target

In just a few days Dream’s video has attracted 2 million views and has sparked a lot of enthusiasm from his people who love the series as they look forward to the much-anticipated real-life version of his adored Minecraft series. In only four days in just four days, Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt video accrued over 2 million followers.

Dream IRL

If you see the IRL Version of Minecraft Manhunt does take place and is revealed, it will be an opportunity for fans to find out the person behind Dream is hiding behind this mask. In the meantime, until more details have been disclosed for Dream’s next project be sure to keep an eye on the news throughout the process.

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