Videos on TikTok are receiving a constant stream of the message ‘here’s the recipe for chupagetti which is causing frustration to users who are annoyed by the trend as it is a part of other similar comment memes, such as the popular brownie recipe. What exactly is chupagetti actually referring to?

The comments section is one of the most vital parts of a video posted on TikTok because it offers users the chance to read what other users have to say about the particular video and also engage in discussion with the creator as well as other users. But, the comments section can be confusing due to the constant evolution of developments in the community.


This month, TikTok is afflicted by a variety of ‘comment memes’ that have left a lot of users unhappy, due to the huge number of people who are part of the trend.

The popularity of TikTok in recent times has led to the emergence of many different styles.

The first was the famous brownie meme that led to people posting the exact recipe for the delicious treat in a plethora of irrelevant videos. There were also people posting messages with the word remove Miner’ in reference to the game Clash of Clans.

Today, users are inundating comment sections on TikTok with the message “here’s Chupagetti recipe” which is confusing and frustrating other, viewers, at the same time.

Similar to other similar trending comments The chupagetti comments are posted under popular videos on the website and have apparently no connection with what’s actually in the video.

The meme is so popular that authentic comments can be hidden in the plethora of meme comments that are placed under an image.

Some users have complained that the remarks were “annoying,” begging people to stop spouting off videos that have identical messages.


What is chupagetti refer to?

While many people are using the word within a context that is a recipe, however, unlike the brownie memes, these posts don’t contain a recipe and leave users confused about the nature of the word.

It is believed that the term”chupagetti” is just a wordplay that has variations on”Chupa” meaning “suck. “Chupa” means “suck” in various languages. As per, “Chupa” is an alternative spelling for the Tagalog word”tsupa,” the meaning of which is the reason why some people are calling the fashion “inappropriate.”

It’s unclear when exactly the trend started however TikTok users are getting more and more frustrated by the ubiquity of these memes that have become viral Many are eagerly anticipating slowing down.

If they remain a problem in comment sections and forums, it could prompt TikTok’s moderators to intervene and take steps to stop repeated spamming of comments.

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