According to astrology, there are 9 planets in this universe and they do play a significant role in the lives of every human being. These planets do have some positive effects on individuals and each of these plants have a representative stone which one can wear to get the energy and benefits of those planets.

One can buy these gemstones from Kudwal gems because they deal with authentic stones but before that one has to be sure about which planet energizes which stone. Here are 5 major planets and their gemstones:

Planet Sun and Ruby

The king is the Sun and ruby gemstones are powered by them. That is why; the color of the stone varies from dark red to crimson. They mostly represent boldness, dignity, courage and a kind heart as well. This stone to advised to be worn by those who are affected by the maleficent planets. One must wear this stone on their ring finger at the right hand and they need to make the ring with copper or gold to get good results.

 Planet Moon and Pearl

This planet mostly signifies the calmness of the mind. Thus Pearl gemstone is also considered to be something which keeps one calm and peaceful. It is also known to remove all the malicious effects of the moon and help the wearer to come out of gloom and depression. One can wear fresh water pearls at the ring finger of their working hand. They can wear the stone with a gold or a silver band.

Planet Mars and Red Coral

Found in sea water this one is worn by people who are suffering from Mangalik dosha. This stone is said to nullify that. They have all the positive powers of planet Mars and it has a lot of health benefits. It can help one to get rid of small pox, indigestion, acidity and more. One has to wear this stone at the ring finger of their right hand.

Planet Mercury and Emerald

This planet actually signifies love, intellect, business and education. Emerald stone does the same. If someone’s birth planet is Mercury, they must wear this stone to get a good life ahead. They have precious green color and they have exceptional healing powers. One needs to wear this on the little finger of right hand.

Planet Jupiter and Yellow Sapphire

This planet is auspicious and pukhraj or yellow sapphire can actually bring a lot of wealth, prosperity and health in the life of the wearer. This is a very expensive gemstone and one can wear them if they are facing some continuous troubles. This has to be worn in the index finger of the right hand and one has to wear them with gold metal.

There are other gemstones as well like blue sapphire, hessonite and many and one must wear them depending on their birth chart readings. One can buy Kudwal gemstones or they can try Khanna Gems because they always go for certified gemstones and so one can rely on them.


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