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Amid the popularity of Bitcoin, we often overlook the importance of altcoins. We forget to analyze that some altcoins can be regarded as the best altcoins to invest in. Even if you consider them for investment, still, there is some confusion brewing in your mind as to whom to choose. Well, it is indeed to fall in such a situation, especially when you have to choose among the best. Well, let’s not get into much deep thinking. There is a list of some best altcoin to invest in 2020. But if coming to choose the best among them, then Binance Coin is the best altcoin to invest. If you wonder what makes this altcoin so unique in investing, then better brush up your understanding about it from this blog.

Introducing Binance Coin

You might find many best altcoins to invest in India, but when it comes to Binance Coin, then you won’t regret to choose for it. Now if you want to know why it is being considered to be the best choice, then better gain knowledge about it. Only then you will be convinced to levy your trust on it. Binance Coin operates on Ethereum blockchain and strictly carries BNB tokens which are strictly around 200 million. It is issued by Binance exchange and is recognized with the symbol of BNB. Apart from being the best altcoin to invest, Binance Coin is favourable to the Binance eco-system in terms of multiple utilities like exchanging and trading fees, which is possible on Binance exchange. 

Binance coins can also be preferred for investing in particular ICOs listed on the Launchpad program of Binance. When Binance exchange lists down the new digital currencies, then Binance enables trading on an endless marketplace, including the number of well-known and fresh coins. Being the best altcoin to invest, Binance Coin is partnered with platforms like a mobile app and other pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platforms that help in spreading its use. 

A re-purchase plan is also available in Binance platform, where a certain percentage of the profits is used to bring back BNB tokens. When these tokens are re-purchased, they get destroyed or burned. Around 100 million BNB tokens are spared during the process. It is done so that substantial value can be maintained. The Binance exchange’s profitability is indicated as per scheduled plans with the burning of coins continuously with burn percentage.

Binance Coin, the best altcoin to invest, was launched in July 2017 during an ICO process. The offering of BNB tokens was distributed among the founding team, angel investors and other participants. During the ICO process, some of the funds were being utilized for the branding and marketing of Binance. Whereas additional funds were referred for the up-gradation of Binance eco-system and the creation of Binance platform.

$1.4 billion was supposed to be the market capitalization of the Binance Coin in the year 2018. However, there is no provision for exchange offer against fiat currencies. Binance Coin, the best altcoin to invest can only be exchanged with major cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin.


Although there are many other altcoins to invest, still, Binance Coin is among the best altcoin to invest. Even though Bitcoin is regarded as prominent cryptocurrency, ever since it made the buzz around the world during its debut in the year 2009. But let’s not forget the fact that it also paved the way for other alternate currencies or altcoins, which they are specially called. Among these altcoins, most of them could not rise the ladder of success and failed ultimately. But that didn’t prove the failure of altcoins completely. Binance Coin proved to be the worthy altcoin among the other altcoins like Monero, MXC, Tomochain and others.


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