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The manufacturing industry is a highly competitive industry where emerging technologies, new competitors and changing regulations are a norm rather than an exception SAP Business. The present state of the global manufacturing industry is ripe for digital transformation. Companies are being pushed to lean on modern technology to stay in the competition and create new and innovative products and services.

The constant and consistent demand for new and improved products in the industry keeps leaders on their toes and urges them to rethink the way they operate. While leading companies are reimagining ways to apply modern technology into their processes in order to remain competitive, it’s no longer enough to stay competitive but deliver business value by embracing digital transformation.

Many organizations around the world are tapping into the power of SAP Business One to drive their digital transformation agenda. The unique power of SAP B1 as an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) makes it ideal for small and medium manufacturing businesses whether they are in wholesale distribution, manufacturing or retail.

Benefits of SAP Business One

For manufacturing companies, SAP Business One is a very useful application as it covers all the aspects of distribution and production in this highly dynamic industry. The application, which can be easily integrated, scaled and customized, is used by thousands of leading companies worldwide. Manufacturing ERP software can be used to manage a range of critical business functions, including financial management, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

There are several good reasons why SAP Business One is the best choice for your business

  • Helps in scaling up manufacturing operations
  • Cost reduction
  • Delivers all the core functionality required to support operations
  • Aids in meeting industry, quality and regulatory compliance standards by allowing the flow of clear and transparent data and information throughout the supply chain
  • Provides automated alerts, workflows and responses to key events and customers’ needs helping you stay in control of your business
  • Helps in streamlining operations by eliminating the occurrence of redundant data entries and errors
  • Integrates seamlessly with key business processes such as production, accounts, inventory, sales and purchasing
  • Easy to use, integrate, customize and scale

SAP Business One for manufacturing

Here are some rich and innovative features of SAP Business One that your manufacturing business can leverage.

Production: You can easily handle independent end items and control the production of finished goods and intermediaries. Option for sizing by volume, weight and materials, as well as MIX, FILL and ASSEMBLY batch types are some other useful features.

Formulation: The best erp software in India allows comprehensive, multilevel formula management with an option to rollback. Other features include material substitutions and mixed units of measure.

Compliance: Compliance is easy with this application as it allows users to record ingredients, shelf life, safety data sheets and lot recall, as well as timestamp records. Users can also create a wide range of compliance reports according to various benchmarks and parameters. 

Planning: For the planning phase Master Production Schedule (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) are handy features.

Laboratory: With SAP Business One, you can define raw material, ingredients specifications and details of product development on screen.

You can have an instantaneous, up-to-the-minute picture of your entire business with SAP Business One. With fast, reliable and real-time access to critical data, you can respond to customers’ needs faster and grow your business rapidly. Manufacturing ERP software is the ideal solution for all types of manufacturing businesses, including paints and coatings, primary and specialty manufacturing, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.


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