The word ‘transplant’ indicates replacement and here we are talking about liver transplant. A liver transplant is required when the existing liver of a patient is not functioning properly. It has to be replaced with functional liver from either a living donor or a deceased person. The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body which is responsible for a lot of critical functions. When the same internal organ fails to perform, the patient is likely to expire. Liver transplant and liver transplant cost in India is of critical importance to patients who come to the country for surgeries and transplants.

Liver functions

Some of the functions performed by the liver include

  • Production of bile which is useful for absorbing fat, fat soluble vitamins and cholesterol
  • The liver also helps in processing hormones medications and nutrients
  • It also helps in creating proteins that are useful for blood coagulation
  • The increase of toxins in the blood leads to liver transplants
  • The organ is also useful for preventing infections and controlling the immune responses

People suffering from chronic liver disorders require this kind of a transplant. The number of people requiring a liver transplant is quite large. This number in fact is more than the number of donors available.

Chronic liver failure is the result of a number of conditions these include:

  • Patience suffering from hepatitis b and c require liver transplant
  • People who are serious alcoholics also need a transplant at times
  • Some people suffer from a disease called fatty liver which is not due to alcohol. Here, the liver is layered by fat which causes cell damage and inflammation.
  • Some diseases affect the liver like hemochromatosis require a transplant. Thisdisease causes the build-up of iron in the liver. The Wilson’s disease is another one which causes the build-up of copper in the liver. Both these diseases are detrimental to the functioning of the liver and causes severe damage. The patients suffering from these two require liver transplants.
  • Some diseases that affect the tubes carrying bile duct from the liver like biliary atresia, primary biliary cirrhosis, and primary sclerosing cholangitis. Children often undergo liver transplants because of biliary atresia.

How to choose a hospital for liver

If you require a liver transplant then consult a doctor who will recommend the best liver transplantation in Indiawhere the procedure can be carried out. Before getting yourself admitted to the transplant centre try to learn about the number of transplants that the centre carries out every year this will help you in understanding the popularity and performance of the centre

You will also need to ask the survival rates at the particular centre.

Cost is a huge factor when it comes to liver transplant. Understand the cost of the procedure and which test does it include. the cost should include organ procurement test surgery at the hospital following the surgery and also the transportation from the centre before and after the procedure.

Speak to a couple of doctors regarding the centre for the transplant before actually getting admitted.


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