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It is said the day a child is born,  parents are also born. The way the child grows parents also grow. For parents, every child is equal and special. But the girl child is more special. It is said every girl is Daddy’s princess, and trust me this is true. Today we are talking about the first birthday. You know, the first birthday never be special for a child. It is always special for parents. You know why, because in that child doesn’t understand anything. You know, when a girl born it is said, goddess Laxmi born. A girl is always a very special child in the family. Today I am going to show you some interesting, first birthday cake. 

Cute Footprint Cake

As I said, we believe that a baby girl is the face of Goddess Laxmi. So this is a cute footprint fondant cake. The baby girl is always special, so her cake should be also special. This is a sweet and delicious cake. It is in strawberry and vanilla flavour. These cute little flowers give it an extraordinary look. If you want to order this cake online. Then you can order from Bloomsvilla, they provide online cake delivery in Delhi

Red and White Rose Cake

In my list here is another cute cake. I know I am saying cute again and again. But what I can do. We are talking about a little princess, who is the shop of cuteness. And these cakes are also very yummy and cute. This is a pure buttercream cake. It looks a little common. But this is a unique and beautiful cake. You can change it according to your choice. You can order it in fondant as well as in an ice cake.the  

Princess Cake for Little Princess 

This is a pure buttercream cake. It looks so simple but it very special. A princess is incomplete without her crown. So her birthday cake, how could be without a crown.  It is a mouth-watering and party indulging cake. On top of the cake, you can decorate according to your choice. Like you can paste her picture on it, instead of normal icing. You can create any cartoon character. It can be her favourite character, that she loves at this age. You can paste you’re a family picture on it. So whenever she will see her first birthday picture. She will happy to see her cake and the whole party. 

Cute Box of Pink Roses

Rose is everybody most like a flower. It is the best way of expressing love. So you can order online flower delivery in Ludhiana, for your love. Because after becoming parents, for parents no one is more important than the child. Pink is already a girly girl. It is the most favourite colour for girls. So you can choose this cake, for your little rose’s first birthday. She will love it. 

Barbie Doll Cake

A baby girl is not less than a Barbie doll. So her cake should be also like a doll. You must have seen a barbie doll cake many times. But this is not a regular barbie doll cake. This cake is different. It looks like a fairy tale. This barbie doll cake is a fondant cake. It is not in regular pink, it is in sky blue colour. According to your party theme and likes, you can change it. The beauty of this cake increases thousands of times, because of print. It’s the flowery star print makes it so pretty. From head to toe, it is different from the classic Barbie doll cake. If your party theme colour is lots of white and peach colour. Then you should go with it. If your party theme is so dark and cheesy colours. You can go with this cake. Because it will differ from the décor. This is one of my personal most favourite cake.

I have given you lots of tasty cakes ideas. These cakes do not only look wise beautiful. But also taste-wise yum. I know she is too small, she will don’t understand anything. But when she will grow up, she will feel so lucky and proud. You know why because her parents did everything best for her. The first birthday is always the most important, and indescribable emotional birthday.

By Alin

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