VOD Consumption

Once upon a time, entertainment meant sitting in front of a TV and consuming content according to a pre-planned schedule. However, the new century brought a new wave of freedom for all content consumers, in the form of Video-on-Demand or VOD Consumption aspect of the modern content broadcasting industry. It is all about choosing to watch any content, video or audio, entertainment or infotainment as per one’s convenience. The video-on-demand platform providers are witnessing an unprecedented boom in their popularity, and it is not without certain crucial reasons: –

Targeted Choices Amidst Globalization

One of the most critical drivers for increased VOD consumption lies in with sociology and psychology facets of humanity. The concept of individuality comes to fore as everyone’s taste differs when it comes to entertainment. Some may like lengthy soap operas while others may love true-crime series. Some may love to binge on romantic comedy features while others may want nothing other than a couple of sports channels. It is only via video-on-demand that all viewers get access to a wide plethora of programming that they can choose to see according to individual schedules. Earlier, one may have to forego the chance of seeing one’s favourite show if busy at work during its pre-planned telecast time. But VOD brings it to the viewer, on-demand.

Social Media and Peer Motivation

The Millennials, as well as Generation Z, are highly involved with the social media of today, and peer opinion also plays an important role in their lives. The word-of-mouth aspect takes on a gigantic role in this new age where shows, movies, and other content take a viral form in no time. In such a scenario, VOD Consumption platforms provide a chance for the younger generation to feel in tandem with the social cues and binge-watch content that everybody is praising. Moreover, the whole world is a big village now, thanks to globalization. The earlier restrictions of local vs foreign content are now redundant with everyone, everywhere in the world having access to global content through VOD content management system.

Rapidly Intensive Internet Access

The biggest influence on the VOD boom came from the impactful internet expansion globally. Today, more people have access to the internet than ever before, and this blurred the lines between local vs foreign, and urban vs rural tastes. Individual tastes, social media effect, the power to choose, these are no longer theoretical aspects of content consumption thanks to unbelievable internet access that makes the world watch every content as one.

Unprecedented Smartphone Boom

Even a decade ago, it was impossible to imagine that one would carry a world of information and entertainment in one’s palm, literally. Today, with nearly 5 billion smartphones in use around the world, this unprecedented aspect of modern life is driving all the latest developments, including the VOD consumption boom. People are travelling and carrying all the entertainment they need in their hands. Whether one wants to catch up with a LIVE sports event, or a royal wedding on the other end of the world, or a comedy show while stuck in traffic, VOD platforms make it possible.


The video-on-demand platform providers are striking gold and for good reasons. It is the future unfolding in front of our eyes, and the sooner every channel broadcaster understands this, the better the future would be for every content consumer.


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