What is Picuki?

Picuki is an online tool that allows users to download any images and pictures from the Instagram( Instagram) account online. The greatest benefit is users don’t need to sign up or log in to download photos from an account that has a specific ID. Simply enter an ID number of the account connected to the photo you’d like to download, and you’ll be able to see every photo that has been posted to the IG account. Picuki also comes with some amazing important features, like the fact that it permits users to edit each other’s photos online regardless of whether you wish to apply filters, crop them, alter the brightness, saturation, and much more. It can do it all.

Utilizing Picuki isn’t too difficult. I’ll explain how to use Picuki step-by-step through step-by-step.

The official website is located by visiting Picuki.com

How to use Picuki?

There are two ways to make use of Picuki.

  1. View images using your personal account search
  2. View images via hashtag searches

If you’re comfortable with these two techniques and are able to utilize them, you’ll be in a position to see your Instagram photos.

Method 1: Find your account

1. Click on the link below to launch Picuki the web-based IG software that allows you to download photos.

2. Picuki online IG photo picture download (editable)

3. After entering the Picuki website you’ll be able to browse the homepage. The procedure to get access to Picuki is as simple as entering the account of another user’s Instagram username directly on the site.4. Picuki will then show the Instagrams that are connected to this IG account. Once you’ve entered the username typically, you’ll see the account you’re looking for. You can enter the account once you’ve found the IG account you’re looking for. For instance, I enter famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.5. After you’ve logged in to your IG account, it will see that Picuki posted every image and picture of IG posts on the account. Furthermore, certain posts posted by those on the IG account are highlighted to aid you.

6. Then you can begin looking through content on the IG account! After you’ve found the post you would like to download, click the sign-in button.

7. After entering the post image If you want to download the image, you must click “Download” to download it and because the IG photo image is on the Picuki website is full size. There is no problem with your thumbnail shrinking.

Method 2 – Hashtag search

To browse Instagram photos using hashtag search follow the steps below.

1. Connect to Picukilike prior to clicking the search button.2. Input the hashtag that you wish to search and click”search” and then click on the “search icon”.3. 3. Click “Tags” above the search results.4. The hashtags that could be candidates to be used are displayed when you click the hashtag you want to view.5. The results of hashtag searches are displayed, and you can scroll through the images that have been uploaded using the scroll bar. You are now able to view photos that resulted from that hashtag search.

How do I edit images on Picuki

1. One of the biggest benefits of Picuki, an application that is based on the internet is that it allows you to alter the content of other people’s IG photos online. This feature isn’t offered in the various IG downloaders.

2. Picuki supports you to apply filters, crop, modify the brightness, saturation, and exposure, among other things. directly to photos on the internet It is very simple. After you’ve altered the image to your preference you can download the image straight. Apart from Picuki users can also utilize other reliable IG downloaders.

You can read the entire story online without being logged into.

Through Picuki, users are able to browse Instagram stories without having to sign in.

If you’d like access to the Instagram story, follow the steps below.

1. Access the profile page of the person you’d like to learn more about the tale Picuki.

2. Tap ” Stories” on the screen of your profile.3. Click on the icon that appears on the screen of your story. The image will appear in the lower left of the display.4. You can now view Instagram stories without logging into them. If the story isn’t running, try downloading it to your phone.

You can also watch the video after downloading the movie.

I hope that you’re able to use it. It’s simple and easy to use.

There are some questions about the Picuki tool available on the internet. Let’s take a look…


Q.1 What can you do to create your footprints to appear when you check Instagram images via Picuki?

A majority of the time you will see footprints on Instagram when you scroll through a post you will see footprints.

Many people want to look at Instagram stories that don’t leave footprints.

If you watch this Instagram Video at Picuki there aren’t any footprints.

If you’d like to read this story with no footprints, it’s secure to view it on external websites like Picuki.

Q.2 Is Picuki be secure and legal?

Yes, browsing Instagram in anonymity is a legal, safe, secure and convenient way to enjoy all features on Instagram without risking any unneeded incidents.

Q.3 What do I need to know about how I can use picuki.com?

  • Find famous celebrities
  • See posts of famous people
  • You can browse through the comments in the post.
  • Comment on the post or look up a profile of the user (you can also look at the profile of the user)
  • There are a number of positive things included on the blog.
  • Hashtag search could be an option
  • The story is available to read here.

Q.4 What is it that I can’t do with picuki.com?

  • My profile settings
  • Make your own post
  • To comment
  • Good
  • Watch live streams
  • It’s not possible to download or access files with a private account.

Q.5 Can I find the key in red (private account)?

We’re sorry to inform you that you’re unable to view the Instagram significant Red (private account) posts or stories using this application.

There are methods that could help. There is a YouTube channel that has discussed this method.

Q.6 What’s picuki.com costing you? Doesn’t it charge you in the way?

Absolutely no cost. There is no cost anyway.

Picuki.com earns money via its participation in the Google AdSense program, so it’s available to anyone to use at free.

There’s no problem with your account registration.

Q.7 What does the company’s name refer to? a business that runs picuki.com?

I checked the official Picuki website and it seems that the operating company’s details aren’t there.

If you would like to get in touch with those on the picuki.com management committee, other than submitting an application to remove an image, please do so by using this next inquiry page located on the picuki.com website.

Q.8 Is Picuki be anonymous?

It’s true that it’s anonymous. you can browse images and stories without footprints.

Q.9 What’s the cause of Picuki not working? Does this mean that the system has gone down?

Many users are having problems with Picuki, such as editing issues, loading problems, or sites that aren’t opening. This is due to the rise in the load they put on their servers. To fix this issue, clear the cache of the browser or app that you use.


It seems that Instagram isn’t accessible without signing in, but If your account is on a service like Picuki, you’ll be able to view photos uploaded to the platform without needing to sign up.

Additionally, I’m pleased that I’ve been able to comprehend the tale and leave no footprints.

It can be used when you are looking to discover the background or the story of someone captivated by something that is not obvious.

Note that you aren’t able to see live streams or other posts on private accounts.

Keep in mind that it’s an option that if the opposing user has a private account and that you aren’t able to access it via external websites such as Picuki.

One of the most significant features that are exclusive for Picukiis that it permits users to download not just all images and photos from images on your personal IG account but, you are also able to edit images online. This is an extremely useful feature that is able to be downloaded without registration or registration required, making it highly recommended.

In this article, I’ve gone through the steps step-by-step with pictures, so that people like you are in a position to comprehend and use it easily. I’m hoping that you’re capable of understanding the basics of how you can utilize it. If you ever have a problem or question you have, don’t hesitate to ask me via the comments.

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