If you have decided to purchase a motorcycle you need to consider minute details before purchasing one. Be it a used motorcycle or a new one the purchase of one is a daunting task. In the present market scenario, there are numerous options available for a user when it comes to purchasing bikes in this category. It is necessary for buyers to get into small details so that it may prevent major surprises at a later stage. If you intend to be on the roads make an informed decision and not an ignorant one as it can land you in trouble at a later stage. Before purchasing a motorcycle there are some handy tips to consider. The concept of purchasing one is stressful

  • Motorcycle type- it would be dependent upon your preferences or needs, you can decide the type of motorcycle you can purchase. They are available in numerous sizes along with shapes and before choosing one give prominence to your personal needs
  • Engine capacity- the engine is to be chosen as per your requirements. A higher engine capacity will provide more power but the fuel efficiency will be lower. Conversely if the engine capacity is lower the fuel efficiency would be on the higher side.

A comparison of new and a used motorcycle

As discussed earlier there are a lot of options when it comes to the category of new and used motorcycles. But it would be really difficult to arrive at precise advice. A new or used motorcycle tends to be associated with numerous trade-offs. It would be fully dependent upon the preferences of a buyer.

  • Price- an used bike tends to be more affordable than a new one. In some cases it would be available with an extra gear. Since it is being ridden for a long time the performance is bound to depreciate.
  • Condition- whatever be the situation if a bike is being used by someone you need to carefully scrutinize their condition. There are a lot of risks along with unknown aspect if you are purchasing used bikes in India. Some hidden costs may arise when it comes to the maintainenace of these bikes. It is necessary to check the service history to have an idea on how the brakes and other components of the machine has performed. Even you may opt for an inspection service, to make sure that the vehicle that you are purchasing is a worthy deal.
  • Documents- A new motorcycle will be having all the relevant documents, company warranty and a lot more. But if it is a used bike you need to check out the relevant documents like registration certificate of the previous owners. Even you need to check out the service history along with the accidental records of the bike.
  • Trusted seller- Perhaps the most important to consider is that the seller has to be trusted. There are hundreds of sellers in the market, but the key is to search for someone who is trustworthy. It may replicate a situation where you need to find a needle in a sack.

The things to avoid when you are purchasing a used motorcycle

No doubt about the fact a used motorcycle is bound to have some serious question marks and doubts when you purchase it. Before endorsing for a great deal there are some pointers that you need to avoid

  • Clocking- this means a reduction in mileage and it is done to increase the potential selling price. it is an ideal way of selling a vehicle than the stipulated price of the vehicle.
  • The seller will provide misleading disclosures- the seller could omit certain facts which are material and may alter the purchasing decision of the buyer. It can be an accident or usage of the vehicle.
  • Cloning of the vehicle- in some cases a particular vehicle may be given the identity of another vehicle by replicating a similar name plate from an identical vehicle. The model, mark along with the colour would be the same.
  • Lack of quality inspection of the vehicle- it is suggested that you get the vehicle inspected from a trusted mechanic. By doing so you prevent any form of unfamiliar surprises down the road. It is suggested that you should not inspect the vehicle in rain, at night or in poor light.  You may even get in touch with the vehicle inspection provider and obtain a verified certificate about the bike s condition that you are planning to purchase.
  • A policy of cut and shut- suppose a couple of vehicles may have been written off by the manufacturers then it is an illegal option

The confusing technologies when it comes to purchasing bikes

It is obvious that buyers tend to be confused with the various terminologies when it comes to purchasing a bike. An ex-showroom is a price that is sold by the retailer to a customer. Such price includes excise duty, transportation cost, the margin of the dealers, and a lot more. 

The onboard price is the actual precise that the retail customer would be paying to an authorized dealer. In some ways, it is referred to as the invoice value of the motorcycle. Any form of coverage and warranty are part of this price.

But when you are purchasing a used bike all these charges may not be levied. A user is going to pay a price that both the buyer and the seller would agree to.

To conclude there are numerous ways by which you can purchase a bike. An online classified has numerous options when it comes to purchasing used bikes. You can flip through various portals and then choose the one as per your needs. In addition, you may get in touch with a dealer personally or get in touch with them via an online platform. Last but not least you can visit a showroom and every brand has a dedicated showroom to service the needs of clients.

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