Chalonda Jenkins

A Chalonda Jenkins is an American notorious criminal who is known for her connection to American serial murderer Nikko Jenkins. Jenkins has been linked to the crimes committed by her ex-husband, and the majority of the information about her has to do with the crimes of Nikko Jenkins.

The year was 2013, and her husband was involved in a murderous rampage, and although she was suspected of the crimes he committed, she was never incarcerated for these crimes.

She’s had a difficult life, muddled by running-ins with the law and a relationship in a relationship with Nikko Jenkins.

Biography of Chalonda Jenkins

There is not much information about the life of Nikko Jenkins’ ex-wife, but prior to their wedding in 2010, she was only 19 at the time and is now 30 or so.

Her personal involvement with criminality is not new, as she’s served in correctional facilities since an earlier age.

Here are 10 undiscovered facts about Her

1. She Married In Prison

In February 2010, Chalonda and Nikko Jenkins tied the knot while they were both in the Tecumseh State Prison.

The marriage was doomed due to their criminal history. The marriage ended with divorce in 2017, and the couple has never spent more than just four weeks together in prison.

2. Another Man’s Child While Still Married

A complaint is filed by an unidentified man to request child support. The money was paid for child support. The child was born with Chalonda when she was married to Nikko Jenkins.

It appears that the father is the sole parent of the child in question, while Chalonda was absent from the child’s daily.

3. Caught With Brass Knuckles

An ex-girlfriend of her baby daddy’s father called the police. She was seeking to obtain a protection order against an intruder who tried to cross her apartment. When she was contacted, her description matched Chalonda Jenkins.

Her body was later found in a vehicle parked nearby, and when she was the police asked her for her name, she provided the wrong information. Investigative officers at the scene found her name as married on the registration form in the car, along with an empty cup, a bottle of tequila, and brass knuckles hidden in her pockets.

Brass’s knuckles were seen as a negative sign in light of her latest run-in in the courts and her criminal past, and the judge sent her to jail.

4. Chalonda Jenkins Was Threatened By Nikko Jenkins

Nikko has threatened to murder Chalonda Jenkins. Jenkins made a police complaint that resulted in his being arrested. After an interrogation, Nikko admitted to four murders that were not connected to the threat made against Chalonda.

5. She Faulted The System For Ex-Husband’s Crimes

She has publicly criticized the system for permitting Nikko Jenkins to be able to commit murders. If he was not released from prison, he would not have committed the crime and the victims wouldn’t have been given a fair chance she claims.

Chalonda Jenkins offered excuses for Nikko Jenkins, claiming that Nikko Jenkins’ mental condition was in decline and he wouldn’t be able to stand an opportunity once he was released from prison.

6. She Has Been gone To Prison 3 Times So Far

If a woman has been repeatedly in jail for various reasons It is safe to say that she is familiar with prison life.

Being part of a criminal family like the Jenkins adds more drama to an already turbulent life. In 2013 she was sentenced to 1 year’s imprisonment for her role as an accomplice in the non-fatal shooting of certain individuals that were committed by Nikko Jenkins.

7. Her Ex-Husband Is Serving Time On Death Row

The husband of Chalonda’s Nikko Jenkins was found guilty and sentenced to execution on four counts of murder. Nikko Jenkins is currently on death row at Tecumseh State Prison.

He had been sentenced to 10.5 months in jail, out of a 25-year prison sentence for carjacking in the year he turned fifteen. One month after being freed from jail, Nikko killed four people in the span of 2 weeks. Nikko was able to commit the murder with the assistance of his family members.

8. Chalonda Jenkins Married into A family of convict Felons

Jenkin’s are considered criminals’ families that go back to the past. They have seen more than 30 of the extended families sentenced for various criminal acts.

A large portion of the Jenkins family has gone out of business. The founder, David Magee died some years ago after being accused of murder. Lori Jenkins was involved in her son’s murder spree. Erica as well as Melonie Jenkins have been sentenced to prison and have been convicted.

9. Her ex-husband Had a History Of Self Mutilation

Former husband, Nikko Jenkins killed four people to offer an offering for the God of the gods, the Egyptian serpent God Apophis to be an act of worship. In prison, he’s injured various areas of his body, including his tongue, penis, and forehead.

He tried cutting his tongue and genitals in order to make it look like an animal, but he did a terrible job and was left with multiple stitches.

10. She And Nikko Jenkins Share A lot In Common

It’s hard not to observe from their photos the resemblance they share with Nikko Jenkins in regards to the drawings and facial writings of their faces.

They appear to be admirers of facial drawing in addition to other things they have in common including the most obvious one being criminality.

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