Nikko Jenkins

Nikko Jenkins also has an indefinite sentence of 10 years for robberies in connection with the murder, and 20-30 years for beating fellow prisoner Christine Bordeaux, who is also her cousin. Bordeaux was a witness in the trial of Erica and Nikko in their trial.

David A. Magee Sr.

David A. Magee Sr. is the father of the Jenkins family. Even though he didn’t marry Lori Jenkins, he is the father of six of her children.

He was also implicated in a number of violent crimes. when he died in 2009, he was a felon. death in 2009 the convicted felon was found guilty of a variety of crimes.

Warren Levering

Warren Levering is Nikko Jenkins Uncle to Nikko Jenkins and was a part of the murder and robbery of Andrea Kruger. He pleaded guilty to attempted robbery and other charges in the murder of Kruger.

While he wasn’t able to murder Kruger in the first place, he did get charged with murder charges in the first degree as well as sentenced to 40 years of prison. His sentence was later reduced by half and the sentence was reduced to 20 years after serving his sentence.

Lori Sayles

Lori Sayles is Erica Jenkins’s younger sister. She was also a part of the Jenkins murders. She was arrested as a suspect in the Bradford murder and accused of concealing the weapon used in the murder.

Melonie Jenkins

Melonie Jenkins is also a Nikko Jenkins’s sister. She has been found guilty of various infractions. She was a witness against Erica in her murder trial but isn’t currently detained. When she was arrested she was the mother of three children who were under seven years of age.

Nikko Jenkins murders

Following his release from prison, Nikko Jenkins was involved in a string of murders in the 10 days of receiving his freedom.

On August 11, 2013, an officer from the police found two bodies inside an unmarked white pickup truck close to an aquatic pool in Spring Lake Park, Omaha. Two of the men were hit in the head and their pockets were closed. It was thought like a burglary that was followed by murder. The suspects were identified as Juan Uribe Pena and Jorge. Cajigas-Ruiz.

Both men were attracted by Jenkins’s daughter, Erica Jenkins, and his cousin, Christine Bordeaux, under the pretext that they could be sexually involved.

Then, on the 19th of August 2013 Curtis Bradford’s body was discovered. Curtis Bradford was discovered with two wounds from a bullet in his back. The previous day, Jenkins and Bradford had taken a selfie on Facebook.

Jenkins’s fourth victim and the final one, Andrea Kruger, was killed, and her body was buried on the streets. The victim was to work and her car was found 12 miles away from the body.

Investigators have claimed they had heard of an attempt attempted to light the car’s interior on fire.

Arrest & Trial

On the 30th of August, 2013 Jenkins was detained for threats of terrorism to his wife, Chalonda Jenkins who had been notified of his actions. In the meantime, police had gathered a variety of evidence against Jenkins. On September 3, Jenkins confessed to the murders during a lengthy eight-hour confessional.

He stated they were sacrifices for Apep, the Egyptian gods, Apophis also known as Apep, and also that the hieroglyphics on his face were tributes to the same god. Furthermore, he attempted to cut 666 into your forehead. However, he did it using the mirror and it was carved backward and read as 999 rather than.

After his confession, Jenkins was indicted on four murder charges and Jenkins accepted his plea of guilty. Jenkins claimed that he had done the crime as instructed by Apophis and stated in a letter written by hand that he would stand up for the god by using “animalistic brutality”.

On February 14, 2014, Jenkins brought a suit against the State of Nebraska and claimed that he should never be released so early and that his claims that he heard voice voices coming from Apophis were not considered.

He was also unhappy about being in solitary confinement and claimed that it made his schizophrenia worse and requested $24.5 million.

During the trial, a judge ordered an evaluation of his psychiatric condition. Mental health professionals determined that he has an illness known as an antisocial personality disorder and was in fact, faking symptoms of psychosis to avoid the blame.

Jenkins talked in tongues, laughed, and laughed when prosecution witnesses recounted the details of the deaths of his victims at the time of his trial. In May of 2017, Jenkins was sentenced to death by a three-judge jury and another sentence of 450 years in prison on charges of weapons. On April 20, 2020, the Supreme Court denied his contest the decision.

Nikko Jenkins wedding with Chalonda Jenkins

Jenkins was also married before, but Jenkins never spent more than a full month in an environment in prison along with his former wife. He was married to Chalonda Jenkins on February 6, 2010, in the Tecumseh State prison. There is no evidence of the couple having children but Chalonda had a son with another man before their wedding.

Her comments have been publicly criticized for the way the treatment was given to him and have stated that he has mental health issues and didn’t stand a chance when the decision was made to release him from prison.

Which is Nikko Jenkins?

Nikko Jenkins currently resides in prison in the midst of waiting for the date for his execution, which has not been decided yet. Jenkins is one of the prisoners on death row within the State of Nebraska However, the date of his death hasn’t been scheduled for him yet.

In the year 2019 Dawn Arguello, a 46-year-old Texas woman, was planning to wed the accused murderer.

When asked about the specifics of the wedding ceremony, Arguello refused to give any details, but simply said she considers Jenkins to be a mystery and extremely sensitive she added, “He’s not what the media has depicted him to be. Jenkins is a mystery. He’s emotional. He’s extremely sensitive. He’s extremely intelligent, and sure, he’s manipulative .”

It isn’t clear however if the couple were able to marry at all.


Nikko Jenkins is among the toughest killers to be found who are on death row. He seems to have no remorse about the crimes he was convicted of. For someone who made his first taste of the crime scene at seven years of age, one could argue that his death was predetermined.

Psychologists have claimed that Jenkins is creating his psychotic symptoms, even though Jenkins insists that they’re real. In either case, the results of his behavior seem to be catching up to Jenkins and there’s no escape this moment.

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