It is a time in our lives when we all wish to be on Instagram in a private way. There are many reasons for this Dumpor.

If someone asks me about the reason you browse Instagram stories in secret I have to suggest that you stalk other people or view the stories on Instagram in secret.

Have you ever thought that there should be a site on which you can track Instagram users without difficulty?

Ever wondered what might be to browse Instagram without having an account or see Instagram’s dp in its entire size?

If so I can promise you that you will get all the answers you need on one site. The site is dumpor.com

What is the meaning of dumpor?

Dumpor, also known as Dumpor Instagram, is an Instagram story viewer which allows you to browse Instagram stories without revealing your identity.

In addition to being a completely free site, it’s an Instagram Story viewer that allows you to enjoy great features like viewing the insta story in its entirety as well as stalk someone and download an insta story in only one click.

The most exciting characteristic of this website is that it allows you to browse Instagram without having an account. Also, when you visit the site, there is no requirement to input your email address, name or other personal information to access the site.

It is often the case that users don’t have an Instagram account, but want to look at Instagram photos of celebrities as well as their loved ones.

In these scenarios, the Ig viewer is ideal because it lets you browse Instagram without having an account.

Dumpor vs. Instagram

In the title “Dumpor Instagram Viewer‘. it is evident that Dumpor is simply an Instagram viewer.

This means first there must be content to be updated or uploaded within insta, and only you are able to see the uploaded information on Dumpor.

Insta is a more broad concept than the Dumpor viewer. The reality is that there are a variety of features you won’t discover in it, but you can find these features in Dumpor, and in reverse.

Dumpor its story viewer and Instagram are distinguished by a variety of factors including:

1. Uploading story in contrast to. accessing the story in anonymity

On IG, you can create stories using pictures of friends, reels or posts that are informative. However, with dumpor, you can access insta stories privately.

It’s a fact that whenever someone shares their stories, and we view their story on Instagram, they are aware that we’re following them.

However, if you view the stories on this site, you won’t hear about them.

2. Updated profile picture in comparison to. the profile picture in full-size

Everyone has a habit of changing the profile picture we use. The process involves removing the old photo and uploading a new picture in the place.

On Instagram, we are able to upload our profile pictures whenever we’d like. However, if someone alters their profile picture, we are unable to view it in full.

This feature is accessible in the dumpor Instagram viewer. It lets you view the profile picture of someone in full size.

3. It is mandatory to create an account in contrast. there is no requirement for an account

When you launch the app Instagram and click on the Instagram icon, it prompts you to the creation of an account or logs in. In addition, creating an account or logging in requires personal details like your phone number, username and other information.

You won’t encounter this using an unofficial dumpor. It lets you browse on insta without having the need for a login. You can just go to the site and begin exploring.

4. Uploading vs. downloading content

In it, you are able to upload media such as images and reels. However, you can’t download it.

If you wish to save a picture or blog post, you need to take a photo that lowers the quality of your image.

However, in dumpor users can save Instagram content in reels as well as images in high-quality original format.

5. Reading captions and hashtags vs. Copy paste them

There are many captions people have written. There is always a hashtag that follows each caption are different hashtags that are attached to the caption.

But, you cannot see or read about it on Instagram. However, you can copy-paste these into dumpor.

Dumpor lets you copy and paste the images in your posts, to increase your reach.

How do you make use of dumpor?

The process of using a website is simple, and particularly for us, especially the younger generation. However, at times, the various features and functions can be confusing us. It can be a bit difficult to identify a particular item.

To simplify the process and avoid confusion, let’s take a look at how it works. It will be simple to use.

This section is split into various steps.

Steps to browse anonymously

  1. Visit the website dumpor.com
  2. The search bar will show.
  1. Enter the username of the story reel, profile, or post you would like to read. Ex-Leonmessi
  2. Similar accounts will be displayed and you can choose from them.

Steps to Download Content

  1. Go to the official site.
  2. Within the search box, type in the username.
  3. Similar results will be displayed Choose from them.
  4. Click the image or video, and a download option will be displayed.
  5. Click and the file will be saved to your device.

Steps to view your profile picture in full-size—

  1. In the search bar, you can search for your username for the user whom you would like to view.
  2. Different accounts using that username will show up and you can choose from them.
  3. Click on the insta Dp and it will open in full size.

Steps to examine an account, or copy and paste hashtags and captions—

  1. On the search icon, enter the account’s name or any hashtag trending in the caption.
  2. In the next result Choose the one you prefer.
  3. You can review the comments as well as comments, and copy-paste hashtags and captions quickly.

Why choose dumpor?

Let’s go over a brief overview of the reasons I use dumpor over other sites.

  • No cost and easy to utilize
  • Incredible user interface.
  • Insta is not accessible for logins or browsing without an account.
  • View the insta DP in its full size.
  • Get your Instagram profile photo in high-quality original format.
  • Copy Paste hashtags and captions.
  • The most secure insta-viewer.

Dumpor alternative website

In the present technological world, We are all acquainted with the fact that network issues and technical glitches can happen often.

It’s true that most times, technical issues happen when we need an online site for some task.

This is more clear when we think back to the scenario of our exam results. When we visit the website to view the results, it shows errors in the technical aspect.

The most effective alternative to dumpor that I have used due to its simple and appealing features include:


Like dumpor, it permits users to browse the internet anonymously and without accounts, browse big stories in secret and download any content they want easily.

You must try it due to its ease of use and amazing features.


Picuki is an Instagram story viewer, which is like smihub and dumpor however, on this site you can also access the ability to edit posts using amazing filters.

What does a dumpor not offer to its customers?

You won’t find anything on one website, and that’s the reason there are certain features you won’t find on this site. These include:

  1. Commenting on posts of others.
  2. Posting up new photos.
  3. Sending follow-up requests.
  4. Editing images.

Last thoughts

This article covers the essential information Instagram users need to know.

Many people utilize IG but aren’t aware of this fantastic site that lets them download the big story and access insta without an account, download content quickly and many other features.

This article ought to be shared with more Instagram users so that they are aware of this fantastic website and the features it offers.

By Alin

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