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This article will provide the latest information on the Disney comedy musical that reveals the top-searched list for the Encanto Characters Age.

Have you been aware of the age information on the Walt Disney Musical Project Characters? Are they true? How do you describe the Walt Disney Animation Studio Musical Fantasy?

The latest announcement about a Disney animated film where Barbie wears glasses, for the very first time, has created buzzing on the internet. People across the globe are watching for the age of these characters.

Go to the links in this article for the details and list of the Encanto Characters’ ages, revealing how old or young each character is!

Information on Disney Encanto:

Disney recently generated a buzz on the internet with their latest musical comedy film called Encanto which was released on the 24th of November 2021. The film tells the tale of a character called Mirabel Madrigal, born into a family with magical powers, and everyone gives her some of their amazing sparks.

The story centers around the main person and her family, which includes her mom, sister, and other members of the family. Alongside power-spinning abilities being able to age the characters is also the main focus of the film, more details on this are listed below.

Ages Of Encanto Characters:

That’s why the director of this film made the announcement on Twitter heads. Here’s the complete list of the characters who are aged to give you a better idea:

  • Camilo- 15 Years Old
  • Luisa19 Years Old
  • 50 years old Pepa
  • Abuela Alma – 75 years old Old
  • Bruno – 50 Years Old
  • Agustin 50 Years Old
  • Antonio5 Years Old
  • Felix50 years old
  • Isabela 21
  • Julieta50 Years Old
  • Dolores- 21 Years Old
  • Mirabel – 15 Years Old

More on Encanto Characters Age

If you’re looking for the oldest family baby, this chart of Character’s Ages will reveal their names Isabella as well as Dolores. Both are identical ages, with just one month difference. Although they are the same age, both of them have distinct capabilities.

How would you describe the public’s reaction to the film?

The plot of the film has been released prior to its launch in November 2021. the reactions of the public to the same are also available. Disney fans have enjoyed the film tremendously and created buzz for the film on social media and on the internet.

Alongside the storyline and the role of the characters, Ages Of Encanto Characters is thoroughly researched. Fans wanted to learn about the age gap between the characters, so it was they were revealed by the director via his Twitter posts.

Final Verdict:

Encanto has been the only animated Disney film to feature Barbie wearing glasses. The film has been well-loved by both fans and viewers as it has earned 7.3 IMDB ratings for the same. Additionally, it is noted that the age range of the film’s characters has been discussed in this article, which reveals how Dolores Isabelle and Dolores Isabelle are the two oldest of the cast.

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