The online world is a packed arena and the competition is increasing day by day. It is a fast and dynamic landscape for marketers who want to be ahead of their competition, they need to keep themselves updated with current technologies, trends, and strategies. 

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Here, we are discussing a few tips for those beginners who want to kick start their career in digital marketing.

  • Willingness to learn

The online marketing industry is growing and highly competitive. It is easy for businesses to differentiate between the candidates who have the interest to learn and who are not. To succeed in this industry, one must not only be interested in the field but should also keep himself about all the latest trends and changes that take place in digital advertising.

  • Keep yourself updated

You must follow popular online marketing sites and influential people on social media channels. As the popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook tweak daily, you may be in a loss if you do not keep yourself updated about the recent changes. Here are a few websites to start with:

  • For Search Engine Optimization- Moz, Search Engine Land, SEO Gadget, Distilled
  • PPC- Search Engine Land, PPC Hero
  • Content- Hubspot
  • Social Media- Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner
  • Networking

Surround yourself with individuals who are more talented than you. It is believed that the people whom you meet will act as your ongoing support network when you face problems. Also, they will be the ones who will help you find great career opportunities that otherwise might not be found. In order to grow your network, attend conferences and industry meetups in your area. This will nurture your relationship with other online marketers and at the same time will improve your skillset through presentations and in-depth workshops. 

  • Projects

It is not mandatory to follow the opinions of industry leaders as gospel. Try to figure out your ideas. Always keep one thing in mind, in the digital marketing tricks, everything is not just black and white. It has different grey areas in between best practices and what in reality can bring results for a business. 

As an online marketer, you should have personal projects to test theories. Try your hand on various disciplines (PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO, etc.) and try to take responsibility for both the failure and success of a project. 

  • Learn the language

As an online marketer, you must be comfortable with acronyms like SEM, SEO, and PPC. All of them are different terms and as a beginner, you must know what these acronyms are. The capability to analyze online marketing campaigns and understand which elements work and which do not totally depend on how well you understand this industry jargon. 

  • Build a personal brand

Imagine you are an online marketing hotshot, but you do not have an online presence. If you must prove to an employer that you can build and improve their brand’s visibility, then firstly, you must show how you build your own personal brand and improved it. A strong online presence could possibly be the most important deciding factor between two candidates who have applied for the same position. 

  • Be nerdy

Digital marketing can often be supposed to be quite glamorous, but it is more data-driven and technical than we think. You will not be asked to create websites from scratch, but you will be asked to communicate your marketing strategy to a team of developers and designers who will ultimately incorporate your suggestions. A basic idea of graphic designing and HTML would help to make you stand out among those who have less technical knowledge. 

  • Connecting with your customers

Every day, online users, which comprise a major portion of the world’s population, have questions that need to be resolved. Most of the time, the answers to these queries end with a purchase. Provided this scenario, one must focus on connecting with their clients on an emotional level. Instead of posting an online ad, try to reach out to your customers by promoting new content innovatively that leads them to the desired results at the end. 

  • Metrics are king

Do you have any idea about your CPC from your CPA? If you want to sound intellectual or crack an interview, you must discuss the return on ad spend for a campaign you have run yourself. It is easy to discuss a unique creative concept you have helped to create but the fact that matters is money matters. 

You must have an understanding of how each marketing channel performs and what the key learnings are. 

  • Create an Email Campaign

Starting an email marketing campaign helps you get in front of your target audience. Make sure your email campaign has the right message for the audience as everyone on your list will receive your email. 

  • Make use of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads bring you in front of your audience. One of the best things about these ads is you can target these to a certain market for an optimal effect.

  • Test the campaigns

Social media is one of the best places to monitor the results of a campaign. You must look at the reactions you received on a Facebook page that is linked with your latest campaign. 

  • Create newsletters

Newsletters are a fast and easy way to keep a mailing list updated about new products and services. One of the popular templates you can use is MailChimp.

  • Run different contests

Engaging your audience is one of the most important ways to turn them into permanent customers. A game, contest or a quiz will attract the interest of visitors so that you can get them on a mailing list. 

  • Write well-researched industry articles

Becoming a professional in your industry is one of the basic marketing strategies. Writing several articles for a trade publication will place you as a professional and these can be divided as blogs for an optimal effect.


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