In India, the ukulele is getting popular as never seen before. At the time when I started to play instruments, the guitar was the real thing in the market. 

Guitars were used in almost all music, Bollywood movies and it was a thing among the people to start learning.

Ukulele in India has started to change the way people respond to learning a new instrument. 

Ukulele being only 23 inches (compared to the large-sized guitar) is very small and portable, that can be taken on a road trip with friends. 

Playing the ukulele, in the fire camp at the mountain ranges is one of my memories I can never forget. 

The soothing sound of the string and the calm nature and friends around singing the song – Lag Jaa Gale. It was a nostalgic moment that reminded me of my life and how free I was staying away from my work life.

Why is Ukulele getting popular in India?


It’s as simple as saying people prefer the one that they get used to the most quickly. Ukulele is as simple as learning with just the 4 string compared to the 6-8 string on the guitar.

Easier Playability

Did you know that we could play more than 100’s of songs with just 4 chords, Yes that’s what makes the ukulele popular in the Indian market. 

People who were willing to start with the journey on guitar started with Ukuleles. This gave the marketers the idea to produce more ukulele and keep up the market for them.

Very Less Budget

One more thing is that It’s not always that people have a very high budget to get their best professional guitar so that they learn on the best. However, ukuleles are very cheap to start with, with just Rs.2300 in the Indian market. 

This makes even the common users go for it.

How to buy good Ukulele?

 We recommend you to buy from Amazon, where you can guarantee the best quality and support along with return policies.

Few things you need to take in consideration while picking up a good ukulele is the right type – Soprano, Tenor or Concert type you want. If you have a budget of Rs. 5,000 it will be the best investment for long-lasting as well as for a professional Ukulele.

I highly recommend you start with Soprano type ukuleles around Rs. 2000, which not only costs less but also gives the right sound quality for beginners start.

Do let us know if you have anything to tell us in the comments. We hope you will enjoy playing the ukulele someday.

By Alin

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