December Global Holidays

The December global holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting around the corners of your home with your family and friends, and enjoying some of the most memorable moments in your lives! It is one of those months that is packed with unexpected events that will warm your heart to the very core. There are many types of cultural and religious festivals that are part of this month. And they are all filled with lots of love and joy! Are you aware of the events that are celebrated across the globe during December month?, also known as The December global holidays? Well, let us get right into it!


Hanukkah is among the most renowned Jewish holidays that are observed during the month of December. The holiday is observed by Jews throughout the world and is often referred to as the holiday of light! Hanukkah is among the major festivals that are observed in December to display the devotion of Jews toward Jerusalem and the Second Temple of Jerusalem. The holiday is celebrated joyfully with the unique and exquisite music of the Jewish tradition. The celebration of this holiday can be seen extensively in the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

World AIDS Day

The other event that is observed in the months of December, is World AIDS day. It is one of the health-related celebrations across the globe and is planned to raise awareness of the disease across the globe. The day for celebrating the event is usually the 1st of December. It is dedicated to bringing to light the problems facing AIDS sufferers. It is also a day to encourage humanity not to denigrate those who suffer from this illness.

Feast of Immaculate Conception

The purest day in human history is believed to be the feast day of the Immaculate Conception. It is a traditional celebration of members of the Roman Catholic Church and is the most patronal day of the year for America. The United States of America. The significance of the day is the idea it is believed that Virgin Mary received Jesus in her womb through Jesus the Holy Spirit on the same day. In spite of the fact that Jesus was born on the world with normal and normal maternal procedures, the belief is to be the case that Mother Mary was a virgin prior to the birth of Jesus. Jesus. The day is a remembrance to all those who have committed to a strict and sane the rest of their lives!

Bodhi Day

Bodhi Day is a popular holiday in Japan during the months of December in honor of the founding father of Buddhism, Gautam Budhha. The celebration is known as Vesak according to the Japanese. It is a time to honor the work of Buddhists throughout the world. The festival takes place on the 8th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar. The date can change each year. Bodhi day is among the biggest celebrations in Japan.

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is one of the most well-known Italian saints that was a light-hearted figure. It is celebrated on one of the most obscure nights of the year. It is celebrated throughout Italy as well as in the Scandinavian countries to show the feeling of light and trust within the community. There are parades and air shows all over the city and performers who are dressed in white gowns, carry candlelights across cities and towns to bless people. Recently, authentic flashing candles have also been lit during the celebration that is Santa Lucia.

Las Posadas

Las Posadas is celebrated in the belts of Mexico and Guatemala between the 16th to 24th December to pay tribute to Odin. Norse god Odin. Children of smaller cities and towns are usually dressed as angels and messengers from the heavens. There are also those who dress in the form of shepherds and hold candles to symbolize their belief in Odin. Norse God, Odin. The images and candles in the city constitute a large part of the celebrations that take place in cities.


Yule is another Pagan celebration that is observed to pay homage to Odin, the Norse god Odin. The celebration falls during the time during Winter Solstice, the day is among the most renowned winter festivals across the globe. The celebration was held in ancient times with light and a huge sign of glowing flames. The ashes of the log burned in the great fire created wreaths of Yule in addition. The themes of the Yule celebration were mostly based on the theme of the natural world. The meals that are lit by candles and the decorations on the Yule tree are quite normal and are believed as gifts for trade in the old days!


Of all the famous Christmas holidays that are celebrated worldwide in December, It is not a stretch to mention that Christmas is among the most well-known. The holiday is celebrated by the Christians however it is celebrated throughout the globe with equal enthusiasm and joy. There are various types of ceremonies that relate to the celebration of Christmas regardless of their religion the celebration is celebrated across the globe. The holiday is celebrated to mark Jesus’ birth, Jesus Christ, on 25th December. It is among the most joyful seasons during the whole year!


The December global holidays are filled with honeyed sweets, candies, and honeyed confections. Candles are also part of the celebrations for these holidays. There are many who love this time of year because it is the end of the chapter in a novel that could not have been a success. The time to turn the new leaf has arrived and a lot of people are keen to make that change. In addition, there are various kinds of festivals that are celebrated during these times too! Different religions are represented, and the days are full of laughter and fun!

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