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Supply chain category management is the process where the flow of services takes place. It is basically the long journey of raw material through different stages to reach the actual destination that is the final product. 

It is a vast process of management that needs a very careful determination and force of work. The most important thing about supply chain management is category management

Category management of the supply chain is the first step towards the management procedure of the companies. The secret towards the development of a particular company comes from the management procedure that the company is following. 

To understand category management of the supply chain, you need to be well versed about what is the use of the term category management. 

What is category management? 

Category management is the strategic part of business management related to procurement, where the company and the founder group categorize the products or the services of the business. Running a company is not at all easy; you have to look after the production, sales, marketing, audit, and management. 

These are the basic and primary functions of a company. The internal management includes the recruitment, salary, and human resource of the company. If a particular company does not make it in a disciplined manner, it will soon collapse. 

Thus, category management is a term that is also self-explanatory. In simple words, the management which is dependable on the categorical division is known as category management. 

As discussed above, a particular product or service goes through several steps in the supply chain in order to be a final product or service. To understand the term better, we have provided you all with the example as follows. 

When you buy raw material for the production of your company, say, you have bought the iron as the raw material. This means you are going to make a final product with that raw iron. So, the iron here plays the role of raw material. After this, the iron will go through a process like welding, molding, and many more. 

After this process, the raw material will be transformed into a draft material. The company executive will examine the product. After rigorous checks and counts, they will be passed to the clients. After the approval of the clients, the draft material will go for mass production, and it will finally become the actual product. 

The supply chain is a long process which is connecting the manufacturer to the market. The demand graph of the market decides the growth of supply for a single item or service. The more the demand, the more there will be supply. 


As discussed above, category management is the first step towards the success of any company. It is the success that matters in the end and thus, every company makes sure to reach success through proper means. 

Many people aspire to be entrepreneurs, but among many such dreams, only one or two come into action. Why? The main reason behind such a small number of successes is the failure to manage the category of the company. 

One must not get confused between the different organs of the supply chain while being in a business. 

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