Crystals For Anxiety and Depression


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Crystals and Gemstones are formed naturally by the nurturing Earth. It is a well-known fact that Crystals and Gemstones have high vibration energies which help in healing physical, mental, and emotional issues/problems. From ancient times crystals and gemstones have been used effectively for their therapeutic quality and are probably an easy and holistic way to counter stress, anxiety, and depression.

Anxiety and depression can lead to physical illnesses and the sooner it is addressed and healed, the better it is. There are numerous crystals and gemstones with their individual properties of healing. Crystals for stress anxiety and depression are very popular as anxiety and depression are most common among people of the present world. Crystals and Gemstones can serve to unlock the door to inner peace and a calm demeanor.

How to use crystals for Anxiety and Depression

For ages, the use of crystals and Choices MOD APK Unlimited Keys/Diamonds for anxiety and depression relief and healing has been practised. Crystals and stones for depression and anxiety are worn as a bracelet, ring, pendant/locket and has proved very effective as it is in direct contact with the body and acts to soothe away stress, anxiety, and depression.

Many people keep crystal/ gemstone for depression healing at home or workspace to have the vibration of the crystal or gemstone act continually to heal away stress and anxiety and keep depression away.  Geodes of crystals, like Amethyst Geodes, are also popular and kept in space for their peaceful, grounding, and stabilizing energies which seamlessly keeps the minds of the inmates calm and peaceful leaving no space for stress or anxiety.

Often holding the crystal/ gemstone or carrying it along is also followed by many people.

Healing Crystals for Depression and Anxiety

Some crystals for anxiety and depression which can effectively bring relief are:-

1) Amethyst – The Amethyst gemstone is voted as one of the favorites amongst the crystals good for anxiety and depression. The Amethyst crystal has the innate quality of soothing the nerves which brings calm and peace. The gemstone Amethyst also constantly clears away negative energies from the atmosphere of a place, purifies the aura of the person bringing in positive energies, and helps to center the person. The amazing Amethyst crystal/gemstone radiates a protective shield around the person making the person feel safe and stable, assisting to sleep peacefully.  It is one of the healing stones for anxiety and panic attacks.  Amethyst clears the mind of negative thoughts and with a clear mind, it is easy to go through stress and anxiety.  Regular use of the Amethyst crystals for anxiety and stress can relieve the symptoms gently. Amethyst is amply available and so easy to buy.

Ways to use – Amethyst crystal can be placed on the forehead between the eyebrows, on the Third Eye chakra for some time (10-11 mins) that is said to calm down the mind and clear intuitive abilities to see the future with positivity.

2) Blue Lace Agate – Blue Lace Agate is favored as a healing stone among crystals for anxiety and crystals for depression. It is excellent in bringing feelings of tranquillity, helps to alleviate anger and tension which are the major causes of anxiety and depression. Blue Lace Agate acts on the Throat and Crown Chakra helping to speak one’s truth without the fear of being judged by others. If overwhelmed with anxiety of the future, Lepidolite calms down the mind and the soothing energies that the Blue Lace Agate crystal healing stones emanate powerful energies which release anxiety, stress, and usher in peaceful energies.

Ways to use – holding Blue Lace Agate in hand and doing deep breathing can give quick results.

3) Lepidolite – The unique point of Lepidolite crystal as a healing stone for anxiety, stress, and depression is its natural content of the alkali metal called Lithium, which is used for making anti-depressants /anti-anxiety medicines. Lepidolite helps to calm down the chaotic mind, helps to bring serenity which lifts the cloud of depression and anxiety. Lepidolite is a crystal that supports while doing meditation too where a serene mind is desired.

Ways to use – Holding Lepidolite crystals in both hands works effectively to heal anxiety and depression, especially when stress or anxiety is running high.

4) Black Tourmaline – The Black Tourmaline is known and considered as a personal security guard because of its power as a protective stone. In times of anxiety and stress, Black Tourmaline covers with a protective shield keeping the lower, anxious, and stressful energies at bay. Black Tourmaline is great at forming a boundary wall between a person or place and the negative/ lower energies and therefore is one of the stones for anxiety which keeps anxiety and depression from affecting an individual and also helps in grounding.

Way to use – Hold the Black Tourmaline crystal in both hands or one in each hand, visualize and feel all the anxiety, stress and depressive energies being absorbed by the Black Tourmaline.

5) Fluorite – Fluorite has cleansing properties and is known as a spiritual vacuum cleaner, cleaning and clearing the mind of all unwanted thoughts which lead to stress and anxiety. This lovely multi-colored crystal helps to bring blissful energies in a state of stress and anxiety. Fluorite calms down the mind establishing peace which naturally acts as a balm in case of anxiety or stress. Fluorite effectively neutralizes lower or negative energies bringing harmony and peace and banishing stress. The stabilizing power of fluorite works well for anyone with depression or anxiety.

Way to use – Can be carried along in order to be peaceful in all situations

6) Rhodonite – The Rhodonite crystal is among the stones for anxiety and panic attacks. It is a stone that soothes the frayed nerves. It stabilizing the person from the symptoms of anxiety and grounds the person effectively. It quickly transforms stressful energies, therefore, helping in staying away from the feeling of panic.

7) Citrine – Just like the color of the crystal, Citrine brings brightness and Sunshine to life. It is said to be a crystal that does not store negativity. Citrine helps to unwind the stressful and anxious thoughts and feelings. It releases stress, tension from the physical body too. Citrine crystal healing properties help to easily let go of worrisome thoughts and emotions, which brings the body, mind, and heart into a peaceful state.

8) Angelite – The Angelite crystal is an absolute gift from the Divine as it helps to feel the support of the Angelic realm. It is a crystal that makes one aware that our Guardian Angels are always next to us, taking care of us which brings a calming and secure feeling thereby easing out stress and anxiety, as we do not feel lonely faced with the negative emotions of anxiety. Angelite, like a crystal, bridges the gap between the physical body and the celestial world, with gentle guidance from the Guardian Angels reassuring us of all the required help. With the comforting energies of the Guardian Angels surrounding us, stress, anxiety, and depression dissipates, lifting the vibrations and bring in gentle calming, and peaceful energies.

Ways to use – The Angelite crystal can be carried in a purse, wallet, or pocket to feel connect and supported by the Guardian Angels in times of stress and anxiety.

9)Rose Quartz – The soft energies of the much loved Rose Quartz works in favor of unconditional love for self and others, which helps to understand the situation or other person from the point of compassion that calms down the stress and anxiety level. Rose Quartz brings natural peaceful energies and helps to accept self and others which gives relief from anxiety, stressful thoughts.

10) Sodalite – Known as the crystal of peace, Sodalite has the properties to calm down all the negative thoughts of the mind and helps to be away from panic attacks, and is well known as the stone for anxiety and panic attacks.

11) Opal Aura or Angel Aura – This stunning quartz crystal reflecting rainbow colors is a natural aura cleanser. The loving energy of the Opal Aura crystal lifts up the mood, immediately making one feel relieved of stress and anxiety. With an Opal Aura or Angel Aura crystal around the mind becomes restful, feeling peace and helps in healing depression and anxiety in the easiest and holistic manner.

12) Pearl – Though Pearl is not a gemstone or crystal, it is a must in the list of healing crystals and gemstones for anxiety for its well-known healing properties of anxiety and depression. Pearl has been worn since ancient times to calm the mind, harmonize the energies, bringing peace. It is also excellent in reducing anger levels. Unique in its own right, Pearl is all about peace and calm and connected to the Moon energies which deal with emotions. Therefore, Pearl is extremely effective in healing anxiety and depression when worn as a ring, bracelet, etc.


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